Citi is making these 5 changes to your credit card benefits in 2018

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We told you earlier this year how Discover trimmed back some of it credit card benefits in February.

Now, Citi is the latest big credit card issuer to dial back on a variety of shopping and travel benefits for its credit card holders.

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5 Citi credit card benefits being reduced in 2018

Citi is now notifying customers that the following credit card benefits will be greatly diminished effective July 29, 2018:

Damage and theft purchase protection

Citi is decimating — literally — some aspects of damage and theft purchase protection. Gone is the generous $10,000 coverage per stolen or damaged item. That’s being reduced to one-tenth its original size — it will now be just $1,000 per incident.

The time window to make a claim is shrinking, too. It will now be 90 days instead of 120 days.

Purchases of firearms, ammunition, jewelry, watches, tires and other items will be barred from coverage when the new policy takes effect at the end of July.

Citi Price Rewind program

The free Citi Price Rewind service lets you register purchases online that you’ve made with your Citi credit card. Once you do that, Citi combs through millions of listings using proprietary software to look for better prices on your buys for 60 days after the date of purchase.

If they find a lower price, Citi will refund you the price difference from the retailer.

But the benefit is now being capped at $200 per item, down from $500. And your annual maximum refund will be capped at $1,000, which is down from $2,500.


Consumables, tires, watches, firearms and ammunition won’t be eligible for this offer going forward, either.

And this new additional caveat is sure to upset money expert Clark Howard: The Citi Price Rewind program will no longer apply if the lower price that’s found is at a members-only warehouse club like Clark’s beloved Costco or Sam’s Club!

Worldwide car rental insurance

This program will no longer cover charges or expenses for the loss of use of the rental car, rental agency fees or taxes.

Trip cancellation and interruption protection

There will no longer be $5,000 allowance per covered traveler per trip. It will be reduced to a maximum of $1,500 per trip and a total of $5,000 per calendar year.

90-day return protection

Firearms, ammunition, jewelry, furniture, appliances and tires will no longer qualify under the new terms of program coverage.

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