5 ways to make money instead of spending it this holiday season

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The average American family is planning to spend between $540 and $882 this holiday season, according to various surveys. And unfortunately, the holiday hangover is a real thing – and can last well into next year!

So to ensure you don’t have any holiday shopping regrets, try these tips to help you make money over the holidays — instead of just spending it.

How to make extra money during the holidays

1. Check into overtime at your current job.

Is there additional work available at your current job? Check with your boss and see if there is anything extra you can do for extra pay. Many businesses have their best sales of the year during the holidays, so they’re willing to provide extra hours instead of going through the expense of hiring and training someone new.

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2. Sell any unwanted items.

It might be a little chilly to host a yard sale, but there are other options. Selling on eBay, yard sale groups on Facebook, consignment shops, Craiglist, used clothing stores – there are plenty of ways to sell unwanted items! It is a great time to sell any unwanted Christmas decor. And if you have something that doesn’t sell, you can always donate it and record the donation for your tax deductions this year.

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3. Get a part-time holiday job.

Plenty of places are hiring for the holidays – but hurry! Most places try to fill their holiday staff by December 1. But even if you’re just working weekends for one month, you’ll be able to make around $500! That’s just about what the average family plans to spend on Christmas. For working just 8-10 days, you could net out at zero. Plus, if you get a job where you plan to do a lot of holiday shopping, you also could take advantage of the employee discount and be the first to know when items go on sale.

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4. Work as a personal assistant or caregiver.

If retail isn’t your thing, why not pick up odd jobs here and there? Care.com and other sites have many short-term jobs available, such as help with preparing meals, being a personal assistant, pet sitting, child care, or running errands. (For child care though, you might need to pay to have a background check done.)

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5. Start a seasonal business.

Have any ideas for yummy food, cute decor, jewelry or some other gift item? Start a seasonal business! Etsy.com, eBay and other sites allow you to sell items at the click of a button, and festivals or church holiday bazaar events also make a great in-person place to sell your goods.

After you make some money, be sure to shop sales for the items you’re planning to buy. That’ll be sure to stretch your dollar this holiday season!

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