Here’s how much a starter home costs in every state

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Despite what they’re intended for, the price of a starter home can be prohibitive in some places.

Although a starter home is one of the most gratifying purchases for a young family or someone moving into their first single-family dwelling, the notion that they are cheap is not necessarily true everywhere.

See the price of a starter home in all 50 states has a map of U.S.  starter homes that shows where you’ll pay more and less for the structures.

To come up with the numbers, used numbers from Business Insider and on the cost of a typical starter home in each state.

As might be expected, starter homes in the Northeast and West command a higher price tag than in other regions. Here’s a snapshot:

5 places with the highest starter home values

  1. Washington, D.C. – $335,700
  2. Hawaii – $331,500
  3. California – $305,300
  4. Colorado – $247,600
  5. Washington – $243,700

5 places with the lowest starter home values

  1. West Virginia – $42,300
  2. Oklahoma – $50,700
  3. Arkansas – $56,800
  4. Michigan – $58,000
  5. Kansas – $61,200

Here are median starter home values in each state

When it comes to price, the figures list median home values, not the extremes. The visualization below includes these two pieces of key information:

  • The median value of starter homes across a given state
  • The median value of starter homes compared to that of all homes in the state Median Starter Home Prices

If you’re house-hunting for the first time, brushing up on the price of a starter home is a great place to begin. To get a holistic view of the process, here’s how to buy a home in 9 steps.

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