New report: The most popular cities for baby boomers

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Baby boomers are flocking to big cities, according to a new report. Aging Americans are increasingly looking for the amenities inherent in city life: apartment rentals, mass transit and other modern conveniences.

Not too long ago, the suburbs used to be the popular choice for baby boomers, but a new study from Rent Cafe shows that times are changing.

These ZIP Codes are where the baby boomers are moving

To arrive at the numbers, Rent Cafe analyzed Census Bureau data in 250 of the largest U.S. cities. The results show that baby boomers are looking to retire in or close to large metro areas.

While New York City is the place that has the largest number of baby boomers, places out west — like Scottsdale and Tucson, Arizona — top the list when it comes to largest percentage of baby boomers by ZIP Code.

ZIP Codes with the largest share of baby boomers 

ZIP Code City % of Baby Boomers Number of Baby Boomers
85266 Scottsdale, Arizona 35% 4,351
85739 Tucson, Arizona 30% 5,591
79121 Amarillo, Texas 30% 1,962
33062 Pompano Beach, Florida 30% 6,532
33308 Fort Lauderdale, Florida 30% 8,051
85749 Tucson, Arizona 29% 5,468
73026 Norman, Oklahoma 27% 2,802
35234 Birmingham, Alabama 27% 1,472
85718 Tucson, Arizona 27% 7,079
89511 Reno, Nevada 27% 6,868
55442 Minneapolis, Minnesota 27% 3,527
87122 Albuquerque, New Mexico 27% 4,827
89044 Henderson, Nevada 27% 5,210
89134 Las Vegas, Nevada 27% 6,499
35214 Birmingham, Alabama 27% 4,967
85737 Tucson, Arizona 27% 5,664
97205 Portland, Oregon 26% 1,887
32653 Gainesville, Florida 26% 3,589
33761 Clearwater, Florida 26% 5,243
06903 Stamford, Connecticut 26% 3,770

See the full list at Rent Cafe here.

While many of the ZIP Codes above offer a fair amount of fun and sun, money matters should also figure into the equation. With that said, here are the most retirement-friendly states in America.

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