How to get that HGTV decorating look you love for a fraction of the cost

How to get that HGTV decorating look you love for a fraction of the cost
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Do you watch the HGTV channel and lament that you’ll never be able to afford the luxurious home accents featured throughout their programming?

Worry not, as your local Habitat ReStore can get you that high end look for a fraction of the original price. These stores sell both new, used and leftover building supplies at extremely low prices which then go to fund Habitat for Humanity.

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Get that House Hunters look

It’s almost a cliché that the buyers featured on House Hunters walk into a home and rule out any house without stainless steel appliances. (As if the color white would somehow undo the functionality of the machinery!)

So if you’re in the camp that feels stainless steel is a must, you can source like-new appliances from your local ReStore. This LG stainless steel microwave is priced at $20! stainless steel microwave

Get that Flip or Flop look

Watch even a single episode of HGTV’s Flip or Flop and you’ll quickly learn that a tiled backsplash is a pivotal component to every single kitchen makeover. From pre-arranged sheets to classic subway tile, it’s the polished look that California buyers (and HGTV viewers) have come to expect.

However, you don’t have to pay $100/square foot if you’re a ReStore shopper. Check out these prices: Habitat ReStore prices


The variety might not be as extensive as what you’d find at Home Depot, but with all the money you’ll save, surely you can alter your design plan!

Get that Fixer Upper look

If you’re a fan of this hit show, then you already know that no Fixer Upper house is complete without featured wood accents. Whether it’s shiplap or picture frame molding, it’s a necessary component for your remodel!

Lucky you, as Habitat ReStores are bursting at the seams with wood, both new and salvaged. It might take a trip to two to get enough for your feature wall/headboard/kitchen island, but you’ll sleep better knowing how little you paid. Picture frame molding

Get that Rehab Addict look

HGTV’s Rehab Addict is already a pretty frugal show, as host Nicole Curtis is loathe to waste money on ripping out quality shelving or sending perfectly good building components to the landfill.

An episode where she pulled a lighting fixture that someone had put into her dumpster comes to mind, as she was quick to repaint it for her entryway ceiling.

Although Curtis is quick to criticize those who paint over original stain on vintage furniture or house parts, she’ll still grab a paint roller and a gallon of re-tinted paint in a Detroit minute. Of course, paint can be expensive, but worry not as your Habitat ReStore has you covered. Habitat ReStore paint

For a couple of bucks, you’ll walk out with perfectly good paint or stain for your DIY project. I know this, as I repainted a Goodwill dresser last year featuring a $2 pot of ReStore Paint!



Whichever HGTV show sparks your personal remodeling inspiration, you can get that look for pennies on the dollar while supporting a worthy non profit. Throw in that you’ll be saving construction and remodeling supplies from the landfill? Perfection.

Click HERE to find your nearest Habitat ReStore!

Bonus Tip: Follow your local Habitat ReStore on Facebook to view their latest inventory for your own HGTV inspired home.

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