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Which company has the best natural gas rate for you this month? Our monthly update on natural gas rates in Georgia can help you decide…

Here are the low-cost leaders for fixed rate natural gas plans

There are actually two low-cost price leaders this month for fixed rates, according to the Georgia Public Service Commission (GA PSC). They are XOOM Energy and True Natural Gas.

For a one-year plan, XOOM is advertising .3890 cents/therm and True is offering .3970 cents/therm. After you add in the junk fees, those quotes work out to be .97 cents/therm and .98 cents/therm, respectively.

GA PSC estimates the average customer using 717 therms over 12 months will pay $697.59 with XOOM and $704.53 with True Natural Gas.

Note: All numbers are direct from the GA PSC’s August 2019 pricing chart.

Money expert Clark Howard‘s advice for August 2019 is start to think about locking in with a low-cost provider for the fall. High reserves of natural gas, coupled with both weakened prices and less demand overseas, may drive down the price at home even more in the coming months. But this month’s rates are already competitive if you want to go ahead and lock in now!

Clark likes fixed-rate plans for homeowners. With fixed-rate plans, the price per therm is written in stone each month for a year or more.

Having a fixed-rate plan means that if natural gas takes a sudden jump in price, you won’t pay more per therm. It’s insurance against sudden spikes in commodity prices.

But on the flip side, if natural gas prices suddenly drop, you unfortunately won’t get the benefit of lower prices, either.

SCANA has special natural gas rates for U.S. military

SCANA is continuing its special offer for all U.S. military. The company is giving a discount on their advertised rate to all active, reserved, retired, disabled and veteran U.S. military service members or their spouses/partners with valid military identification.

Current military customers who are already with SCANA can get the discounted rate without paying an exit fee. They’re also offering up to $100 in bill credits, and they will make a donation to the USO for each new customer. Call SCANA at 1-877-467-2262 for further details about this offer.


Want to know how to switch your natural gas provider? See our simple step-by-step guide here.

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