10 home improvements that make the most financial sense

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If you’re thinking about renovating your home, the immediate benefits you see could also lead to some profits down the line. Smart home improvements can pay off big-time if you decide to sell sometime in the future.

Not all home renovations are created equal. Adding a sun room may not increase the value of your home like redoing a bedroom could. So, when you’re creating your home improvement wish list, consider putting the ones that offer you the most bang for your buck up at the top. Let’s take a look at what those are…

Here are the 10 best home improvements for 2019

The payoffs from most remodeling projects are trending up, according to the Remodeling 2019 Cost vs. Value report.

The findings shed light on year-over-year increases from renovations across 136 metro areas in the United States.

Here are the best home improvements to maximize your return at resale based on 2019 national averages:

1. Garage door replacement

Since 2015, homeowners who chose to remove and dispose of an existing garage door and replace it have seen solid returns upon resale.

  • Job cost: $3,611
  • Resale value: $3,520
  • Cost recouped: 97.5%

2. Manufactured stone veneer

Stone veneer

If you’re thinking of removing vinyl siding from your home and putting a stone veneer there instead, you’ll get back nearly all of what you paid, according to figures in the report.

  • Job cost: $3,611
  • Resale value: $3,520
  • Cost recouped: 97.5%

3. Backyard patio


Homeowners who decide to invest in a patio can see substantial resale value in 2019. Add a gas-powered fire pit, some all-weather deck chairs and you’re on your way.

  • Job cost: $8,907
  • Resale value: $8,449
  • Cost recouped: 94.9%

5. Minor kitchen remodel

A minor kitchen renovation — leaving the cabinet boxes in place but replacing the facings along with a new cook top/oven range and slide-in refrigerator — can yield a nice return.

  • Job cost: $22,507
  • Resale value: $18,123
  • Cost recouped: 80.5%

5. Wood deck addition

The amount recouped from adding a wooden deck, including a railing system using pressure-treated wood posts, railings, and balusters, has surged in recent years.

  • Job cost: $13,333
  • Resale value: $10,083
  • Cost recouped: 75.6%

6. Siding replacement

Replacing the siding on your home is a big job, could be worth it over the long haul, according to the report.

  • Job cost: $16,036
  • Resale value: $12,119
  • Cost recouped: 75.6%

7. Entry door replacement (steel)

Replacing an entry door with new 20-gauge steel one could be a good move, according to the survey.

  • Job cost: $1,826
  • Resale value: $1,368
  • Cost recouped: 74.9%

8. Window replacement (vinyl)


Replacing double-hung windows with insulated, low-E vinyl windows will add a bump to your bottom line.

  • Job cost: $16,802
  • Resale value: $12,332
  • Cost recouped: 73.4%

9. Window replacement (wood)

Instead of vinyl, putting in hardwood windows with aluminum cladding can do wonders for your bottom line in a resale, according to the study.

  • Job cost: $20,526
  • Resale value: $14,530
  • Cost recouped: 70.8%

10. Grand entrance (fiberglass)

Grand entrance

For an upscale home, renovating the grand entrance has consistently added value for homeowners who have done in over the past five years.

  • Job cost: $8,994
  • Resale value: $6,469
  • Cost recouped: 71.9%

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