Walmart wants you to get more exercise by parking farther away


We’ve all had that experience when you find yourself circling a parking lot, driving up and down each row multiple times looking for a closer parking spot.

Well, Walmart is now encouraging shoppers to use those spots that are a little farther away — by showing you how many extra steps you will take by parking there.

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Walmart posts ‘healthy parking spot’ signs to encourage shoppers to walk more

The New Jersey Herald reports that a local Walmart recently posted signs throughout the parking lot that show customers how many steps it will take to reach the entrance if you park in that spot.

The signs are part of a partnership between the YMCA’s Healthy Parking Spots Initiative, the Franklin School District, the city’s mayor and local retailers.

Corey Brown, assistant executive director for the YMCA, told the Herald the signs are a ‘motivator for people because it shows them the health benefit of parking a little farther from the door when at the store.’

‘It shows them what they get out of this,’ Brown said.

walmart wants you to park far away walk more healthier

Each sign shows the total round-trip step count from Point A to point B, ranging from 336 to 692 steps. 

The initiative was funded through a two-year grant that provides $10,000 each year for the groups involved to develop healthy incentives for shoppers — and the YMCA reportedly plans to continue expanding the healthy parking spot initiative.


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