Who will be impacted by Obamacare?


If you work for a big company and get your health insurance through them, there’s not much either good or bad for you in this new law. Things pretty much stay the same for you.  You can keep your current insurance and you will buy it as you always have. If you’re a low-income earner, however, there’s a lot of benefit for you. And those who earn high incomes face a lot of hazard thanks to higher taxes.

The great unknown, of course, is what will happen to premiums over time. Without a doubt, we will all be impacted by higher health care prices down the road if and when they should materialize. In the meantime, TurboTax has a very easy health care calculator that explains how you’ll be impacted right now.

The reality is there is no monolith here where it’s like, “The sky is falling and no one will be able to afford health care!” Nor is there any panacea here where health care will become the easiest and most affordable thing to buy. The future of health care is a mixed message and one that requires continuing clarification.

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