You’ve been using those ketchup cups wrong your entire life


Little hacks can sometimes make a big difference — just by making life a little bit easier.

You’ve probably noticed that many fast food restaurants have upgraded to fancy dipping sauce packets that double as dipping containers, but a lot of places still only offer you one option: those little tiny paper cups you have to fill up at the condiments bar.

And the tiny-ness of those cups is just annoying enough to bug you, but not quite annoying enough for you to do anything about it.

Actually, let’s be honest, you probably didn’t know there was anything you could do about it… until now.

The ketchup cup secret that will change your life

Surprise: most of those cups are expandable. If you just pull the sides of the cups, they will expand to hold three times the amount of ketchup — or whatever other condiment. As demonstrated by the CrazyRussianHacker, just pull apart every other section on the cup and it’ll save you from once again unsuccessfully trying to carry several tiny cups across a restaurant.

you've been using those ketchup cups all wrong

you've been using those ketchup cups all wrong

Plus, using fewer cups saves paper — and in turn, the environment!

Check out the full demonstration on YouTube

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