This deodorant hack can save the day


What do you do when you’re late for work and you jump out of the shower to discover you have next to no deodorant left in your stick?

Just grab a couple pieces of toilet paper and a Q-tip and try this trick!

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How to get every last drop out of your deodorant stick

Don’t you just hate it when your deodorant is so worn out that the container starts chafing your skin as you try to apply the last drop to your underarm?

Try this solution: Grab a Q-tip and a sheet or two of toilet paper.

First, place a sheet of clean toilet paper or a tissue down on a level surface.

Next, take the Q-tip and punch out the remaining deodorant that’s lodged in the carriage — you know, that removable part full of deodorant that you twist up to meet your armpit.

The deodorant will fall out in little chunks that you can catch on the toilet paper or tissue.

Finally, use the toilet paper to spread the pieces you’ve collected onto your underarm.

This is a great way to get every last drop out of your stick deodorant.


Think of it as the armpit equivalent of rolling the toothpaste tube up from the bottom to get that last dollop!

Check out how the process works in action:

Frugal hack: Stretch your stick deodorant

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