Try this secret tip when ordering a Dunkin’ Donuts iced coffee

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Iced coffee can hit the spot on a warm summer day, but are you really getting your money’s worth?

There’s a secret ordering trick that a lot of people use at Dunkin’ Donuts and other popular coffee chains to get the most bang for their buck.

What exactly is that secret? Just ask for “light ice.”

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Ask for light ice when ordering an iced coffee

When I heard about this hack for the first time, I was skeptical. How much of a difference can the ice really make? So I went to my local Dunkin’ Donuts drive-thru and placed this order:

  • One small iced coffee with skim milk
  • One small iced coffee with skim milk and light ice

I’ll admit that I was afraid the person taking my order would judge me, but she understood my order — and even called me “sweetie!”

Once I got back to the office with my iced coffees a few minutes later, I used a measuring cup to see how much coffee was in the cups after removing the ice.

Here’s what happened:

The coffee with light ice (left) was not filled up to the very top like the one with regular ice.

My co-worker Beth helped pour the coffee into a measuring cup. 


The iced coffee with light ice had 13.5 ounces of coffee. 

The iced coffee with regular ice had just 11 ounces of coffee, a 2.5 ounce difference.

We put the coffee back into the Dunkin’ Donuts cups without the ice for this side-by-side comparison.

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