There is now a dating app just for bacon lovers


To have and to hold, and to devour. That’s the company’s description of its new “totally real dating app,”called Sizzl.

The meat giant’s website says it intends to “connect thousands of like-minded lovers who share your selective taste in bacon that’s cured for 12 hours, and smoke-housed for another 12.”

Oscar Mayer marketing director Eric Dahmer fried up the facts like this. “In love, as it is in bacon, it’s important to be discerning when selecting your perfect match and to never settle for less than the best.”

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The app gives those looking for salty love “the ability to message and meet up with other Sizzl users based on a mutual-matching system.”

 Once registered, users complete a questionnaire aimed at getting to the bacon basics. Do you like turkey or pork? Is crisp or chewy your preference?


All in the name of love.

You can jump in the pan and find out more here.

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