Try this safety hack before taking your child to a crowded place


One California police department has a simple tip that you parents out there may want to try the next time you take your child to a theme park, pool, festival or any other crowded place.

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Quick and easy tip to keep your kids safe

“Write your phone number on their wrist and cover it with liquid Band-Aid in case you get separated,” the Clovis Police Department posted on Facebook. suggests using a washable marker and covering it with the liquid bandage so it doesn’t wash off. When you get home for the day, nail polish remover will easily wipe off the liquid bandage.

Step 1: Write your number on your child’s wrist


Step 2: Apply liquid bandage

Step 3: Remove liquid bandage with nail polish remover

Another tip: Police also recommend that you take a photo of your child on your cell phone to have a record of what they were wearing, their hair style, and any other identifying information before you venture out with them.

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