Wells Fargo to do refunds for 60,000 veterans ripped on refis


Do the nation’s banks have it in for the military is it just a coincidence?

It seems there’s been a scandal a week involving banks breaking the laws of the United States to the great detriment of our brave military men and women. First, you had Chase illegally foreclosing on homes owned by deployed military personnel. After much denial, it was just so cool to hear an apology straight from the mouth of Chase CEO Jamie Dimon on this issue.

Now you have Wells Fargo standing accused of overcharging veterans who were refinancing their loans. The bank has agreed to pay refunds to some 60,000 veterans ripped off over the course of more than 6 years. But the problem is that the vets won’t automatically get the money. The Wall Street Journal reports they’ll be notified over the next few months and then they will have to fill out paperwork for the refund.

If you are a vet and get this legalese notice from Wells Fargo, don’t throw it in the garbage. Get the refund you were supposed to receive.

Here’s an e-mail statement from a Wells Fargo big wig about the situation: “We have diligently worked with our veteran customers who inquired about their fees and we refunded them if there was an error in the third-party charges that were assessed. We hope that by settling this matter, we can demonstrate to veterans our steadfast commitment to doing right by them.”

Two things here: What is missing? An apology! Second, I don’t understand why if they know who these vets are, why they don’t just send them a check?! 

Why do I get so upset about stuff like this involving the members of our military? Because we have an all-volunteer military that risks life and limb to protect our freedoms at home. We don’t want to make the already difficult jobs they do even harder.

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