Top 50 highest-paying college degrees


When it comes to going to school, you want to make sure the degree you’re investing in will pay dividends for years to come.

We’re in an age when there’s a real disconnect between skill sets and job openings. That’s created a lot of demand in some high-paying fields.

Many of the job openings that are going unfilled require continual training and new skills. STEM jobs — which involve the fields of science, technology, engineering and math — are particularly hot right now.

So if you’re still in your degree-seeking days, consider these fields below. Glassdoor took a look at which majors pay the most during the first five years out of college. You’ll get a sense of which fields of study are worth the time and money…

Top 50 highest-paying college majors during the first 5 years out of school

Major Median base salary
Computer Science $70,000
Electrical Engineering $68,438
Mechanical Engineering $68,000
Chemical Engineering $65,000
Industrial Engineering $64,381
Information Technology $64,008
Civil Engineering $61,500
Statistics $60,000
Nursing $58,928
Management Information Systems $58,000
Finance $54,900
Mathematics $54,018
Biomedical Engineering $52,814
Accounting $52,000
Economics $52,000
Physics $50,000
Biotechnology $50,000
Architecture $50,000
Fashion Design $50,000
Business $47,850
International Relations $45,880
Graphic Design $45,846
Marketing $45,475
English $45,000
Political Science $45,000
History $45,000
Human Resources $45,000
Journalism $45,000
Advertising $45,000
Philosophy $45,000
Environmental Science $45,000
Social Science $45,000
Spanish $44,256
Communications $44,190
Interior Design $44,098
Chemistry $44,000
Music $44,000
Film Studies $44,000
Public Relations $43,156
Sports Management $43,156
Education $43,000
Anthropology $43,000
Hospitality Management $42,734
Biochemistry $42,672
Liberal Arts $42,500
Psychology $42,000
Sociology $42,000
Health Care Administration $42,000
Social Work $41,656
Biology $41,250

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