Top 50 highest-paying college degrees

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When it comes to going to school, you want to make sure the degree you’re investing in will pay dividends for years to come.

We’re in an age when there’s a real disconnect between skill sets and job openings. That’s created a lot of demand in some high-paying fields.

Many of the job openings that are going unfilled require continual training and new skills. STEM jobs — which involve the fields of science, technology, engineering and math — are particularly hot right now.

So if you’re still in your degree-seeking days, consider these fields below. Glassdoor took a look at which majors pay the most during the first five years out of college. You’ll get a sense of which fields of study are worth the time and money…

Top 50 highest-paying college majors during the first 5 years out of school

Major Median base salary
Computer Science $70,000
Electrical Engineering $68,438
Mechanical Engineering $68,000
Chemical Engineering $65,000
Industrial Engineering $64,381
Information Technology $64,008
Civil Engineering $61,500
Statistics $60,000
Nursing $58,928
Management Information Systems $58,000
Finance $54,900
Mathematics $54,018
Biomedical Engineering $52,814
Accounting $52,000
Economics $52,000
Physics $50,000
Biotechnology $50,000
Architecture $50,000
Fashion Design $50,000
Business $47,850
International Relations $45,880
Graphic Design $45,846
Marketing $45,475
English $45,000
Political Science $45,000
History $45,000
Human Resources $45,000
Journalism $45,000
Advertising $45,000
Philosophy $45,000
Environmental Science $45,000
Social Science $45,000
Spanish $44,256
Communications $44,190
Interior Design $44,098
Chemistry $44,000
Music $44,000
Film Studies $44,000
Public Relations $43,156
Sports Management $43,156
Education $43,000
Anthropology $43,000
Hospitality Management $42,734
Biochemistry $42,672
Liberal Arts $42,500
Psychology $42,000
Sociology $42,000
Health Care Administration $42,000
Social Work $41,656
Biology $41,250

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