Need a job? Employers desperately seek applicants for these 10 positions

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If you’re thinking about a career change this year, you may want to consider transitioning to a growing field where employers can’t hire qualified workers fast enough!

A new study from highlights 10 of the toughest jobs to fill in 2018.

Top 10 hardest jobs to fill right now 

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In addition to its own database of job listings, evaluated labor and salary data from multiple sources, including the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

“Factors driving demand vary, as do causes behind employers having difficulty filling positions. Not enough people with the skills to do the job, a lack of new graduates in the profession, and industry growth are among the reasons certain jobs are harder to fill than others,” according to CareerCast.

Here are CareerCast’s 10 toughest jobs to fill in 2018:

Application Software Developer

  • Annual median salary: $100,080
  • Growth outlook: 31%
  • Employment change through 2026: +255,400

Construction Laborer

  • Annual median salary: $33,430
  • Growth outlook: 12%
  • Employment change through 2026: +150,400

Financial Advisor

  • Annual median salary: $90,530
  • Growth outlook: 15%
  • Employment change through 2026: +40,400

Home Health Aide

  • Annual median salary: $22,600
  • Growth outlook: 47%
  • Employment change through 2026: +421,200

Information Security Analyst

  • Annual median salary: $92,600
  • Growth outlook: 28%
  • Employment change through 2026: +28,500

Medical Service Manager

  • Annual median salary: $96,540
  • Growth outlook: 20%
  • Employment change through 2026: +72,100

Nurse Practitioner

  • Annual median salary: $107,460
  • Growth outlook: 31%
  • Employment change through 2026: +64,200

Personal Care Aide

  • Annual median salary: $21,920
  • Growth outlook: 39%
  • Employment change through 2026: +777,600

Physical Therapist

  • Annual median salary: $85,400
  • Growth outlook: 28%
  • Employment change through 2026: +67,100

Truck Driver

  • Annual median salary: $41,340
  • Growth outlook: 6%
  • Employment change through 2026: +108,400

Although employers have a lot of openings for the jobs on this list and may be ready to hire quickly, you still need to have a solid resume to land an interview.

In the picture below, does your resume look like the one on the left? Here’s our guide to help you fix it! 

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