The key to happiness in the workplace: FREE snacks


You’re surely nodding  your head as you read this — a new study finds that providing free snacks and drinks in the workplace makes employees considerably happier than those who must feed themselves. 

A new survey by Peapod found that companies that give free food and snacks to their workers have happier employees compared with those who don’t. Peapod is an online grocer that will deliver to your home or workplace.

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A simple way to make workers happy

Looking at the workforce, 56 percent of full-time employees are happy with their job, but if there’s free food involved, that number jumps to 67 percent, USA Today reported.

Only 16 percent of those polled get free snacks at work, the survey found.

It may not be surprising that millennials consider work food more important when compared to other age groups. They also said they wish employers would offer more snacks.

Free goodies are apparently so important that 48 percent of those polled said they’d change jobs if they were offered more perks, according to USA Today.

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