How to dress at work


I typically wear shorts and a golf shirt to work. It’s become such a trademark that my staff has dubbed it the “Clarkiform.”

When I’m not completely dressed down, I tend to wear stain-and-wrinkle resistant slacks or a wash-and-go suit jacket that doesn’t require dry cleaning. But how should you dress at your workplace?

The best advice I can give is don’t follow what I do! If you are interested in climbing the corporate ladder, you have to dress how your boss dresses (if he or she is older than 50) — not how your co-workers choose to dress.

You have to know the environment and take cues from the people up the chain in command. You may feel like you’re selling out, but it’s part of the corporate game.

A recent survey revealed some definite “dont’s” when it comes to the workplace:

  • Women in low cut tops
  • Men and women in ripped jeans
  • Men and women in sandals
  • Any clothing that shows body piercing and/or tattoos

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