App monitors your credit card for fraud charges


It’s been a long-time problem with credit cards where crooks will put through little tiny charges on potentially millions of people’s statements — and most people never notice. There was a long-time thing going on where people were being charges $9.99 on their cards and only 3 out of a 100 people ever noticed that they were having ten dollars a month stolen from them every month.

It’s generally what’s known in the lingo of the banking business as “grey charges.” Charges that come out of nowhere and things that maybe you didn’t order, you didn’t purchase, you didn’t authorize. So busy are our lives, we don’t see them.

Now there’s an app you can download to your smart phone called Billguard that used cost money –now it’s free to use — that will track your accounts. If it notices something that it thinks is suspicious, it alerts you and then you say yeah, I really did want this or not. If you say not,  they are then going to challenge it for you so that you can start fighting that charge without having to lift a finger. I’m Clark Howard.

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