This gas station chain can shut down card skimmers in just seconds

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QuikTrip has a new solution to stop card skimmers at their pumps in seconds and protect you when you fill up at one of their gas station convenience stores.

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QT’s strategy to fight gas pump skimmers

For years, criminals have put skimmers on gas pumps to capture the info from your card when you insert it. That’s why money expert Clark Howard has long advised that you never use debit card when doing pay at the pump.

Debit cards have inferior protections compared to credit cards, and their use has opened many consumers up to a world of hurt in the event of a breach.

So QT has come up with a solution. The Tulsa, Oklahoma-based gas station has outfitted all 760 of its stores nationwide with a technology called PumpShield.

PumpShield is a silent alarm system on all QT pumps that sends an alert 24 hours a day to headquarters if anyone tries to open the panel doors in an attempt to install a skimmer device. Combined with high-tech security cameras, PumpShield lets QT shut down the ability of skimmer gangs to function cold.

QT gas station convenience stores are located in 10 states — Arizona, Georgia, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, North Carolina, Nebraska, Oklahoma, South Carolina and Texas.

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