Florida county has way to deal with illegal roadside signs


A Florida county has turned to a form of rough justice to deal with illegal road signs clogging its intersections.

The Miami Herald reports Miami-Dade county has decided to robocall those numbers on the innumerable road signs that advertise foreclosure relief, work-at-home opportunities, and more.

The only way to stop the robocalls? Call the county, have your “business” number automatically matched up with your sign, and pay a citation fee.

Miami-Dade county has issued 1,100 citations since the robocall campaign began.  The citations can be up to $500 per sign!

I travel extensively around the country and, let me tell you, these illegal signs pop up like locusts all over the country. The only place I do not routinely see them is in New England.

Now, I am all in favor of entrepreneurs. But you should not be getting business by trespassing on public property and breaking the law!

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