4 Free and Cheap Tools to Safely Manage Your Passwords

Free and cheap tools to safely manage your passwords
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One not so-great thing about the internet is that crooks are out there trying to steal your information, money and even your identity by accessing your online accounts.

That’s why having strong passwords and keeping them of other people’s  hands is so essential. But what are the best password managers for top protection online?

The Best Free or Cheap Password Managers for 2020

This article is going to show you four of the most highly rated and best passwords managers that are free or cheap. Let’s look at some top tools that store and secure all your passwords in one place.

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1. DashLane

Download Dashlane password manager

DashLane offers a free service that comes with basic capabilities, as well as two premium packages that cost up to $120 a year for more bells and whistles.

How DashLane works: The service generates a new master password for you every day so all your accounts stay locked down. It also offers the ability to act as an automatic form filler.

DashLane was rated #1 by Tom’s Guide for its many features. Let’s look at each plan and pricing:

DashLane Plan Features

Free Premium Premium Plus
Works on 1 device Works on unlimited devices Works on unlimited devices
Offers up to 50 passwords Unlimited passwords Unlimited passwords
Share up to 5 accounts Unlimited accounts Unlimited accounts
Form & payment autofill Form & payment autofill Form & payment autofill
Two-factor authentication Two-factor authentication Two-factor authentication
Free 30-day trial at Premium Dark Web Monitoring & alerts Dark Web Monitoring & alerts
VPN for Wi-Fi Protection ID Restoration Support & Insurance
VPN for Wi-Fi Protection
Credit monitoring

Download DashLane here

2. LastPass

Rated the best free password manager by CNET.com, LastPass is another great option.


How LastPass works: LastPass allows you to store multiple complex passwords for websites with one point of access, so you have only one password to remember.

LastPass is a freemium site, which means it offers both a basic free version as well as a premium version ($3/mo) and  version for families ($4/mo) with more functionality.

Here are some of the features that come with each version of LastPass:

LastPass Plan Features

Free Premium Families
Works on 1 device Multi-device password sharing Multi-device password sharing
1 user 1 user Up to 6 premium licenses
Save & auto-fill passwords Save & auto-fill passwords Save & auto-fill passwords
Includes 30-day free trial of Premium Available as 30-day free trial Available as 30-day free trial
1GB of encrypted file storage 1GB of encrypted file storage

Download LastPass here

3. Sticky Password

Sticky Password will cost you more — about $30 for one-year or $199.99 for a lifetime subscription — but it’s rated as one of the top password management services by PC Mag.

How Sticky Password works: Like LastPass, Sticky Password remembers all of your passwords, logins and more soo you only have to remember one password.

Here are some of the features that come with the two versions of Sticky Password:

Sticky Password Plan Features

Free Premium
Unlimited encrypted password & storage Unlimited encrypted password & storage
Automatic form-filling & auto login Automatic form-filling & auto login
Biometric & 2-factor authentication Biometric & 2-factor authentication
Cloud & local Wi-Fi sync across devices
Secure password sharing
Priority support

Download Sticky Password here

4. Logme Once


LogMe Once is a password manager that offers a unique and convenient feature: compatibility across Windows, Mac and Android operating systems.

How LogMe Once works: Logme Once offers four different password management packages: Premium (free), Professional, Ultimate and Family. They also have pricing for businesses.

LogMe Once’s Premium suite got 4.5 out of 5 stars from PC Mag. Here are a few of the service’s features with each plan and prices included:

LogMe Once Plan Features

Premium Professional Ultimate Family
$0 $2.50/mo $3.25/mo $4.99/mo
5 secure password sharing 1 GB Encrypted Storage 10 GB Encrypted Storage 10 GB Encrypted Storage
Unlimited devices & sync 50 secure password sharing 50 secure password sharing 50 secure password sharing
Emergency access Anti-theft Unlimited credit cards

Money expert Clark Howard says the fear some people have of these sites is that crooks would only have to crack one website to gain access all your data.

But using one is still a smart idea and good way to protect all of your online accounts, he says:

“Although there have been issues with some password managers, they’re still better than using the same password on multiple accounts.”

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