Bankers and debt collectors want to robo-call your cell phone


The banking industry and debt collectors are trying to mess with your cell phone in a way that’s just absolutely horrible.

The New York Times  reports that the American Bankers Association and the Association of Credit and Collection Professionals are among the supporters of a bill being fast-tracked in Congress called H.R. 3035. If signed into law, this bill would allow banks and debt collectors to robo-call your cellphone hundreds of times a day.

Many Americans are on wireless plans where they don’t pay per minute, so money is not necessarily why I’m so upset here. Rather, I believe H.R. 3035 will be an unconscionable intrusion into your life if it is adopted.

Unlike landlines, we can’t really ignore our cell phones; they’re with us all the time. So I believe the supporters of this bill want to destroy your peace and quiet and tranquility on your cell phone. Allowing debt collectors to robocall you hundreds of times a day if they want? Are you kidding me? What kind of garbage is that?!

Now is the time to call or write your Congressman and two Senators to make your voice heard on this bill. They will only care if you make a fuss. People need to get organized, get fired up and let all three know that this is a no go.

It’s up to you. Are you going to stand in the way of the banks and the collectors? It starts with one person. I always am inspired by that Chinese man who almost certainly perished after standing up to the tanks on worldwide television in Tiananmen Square back in 1989.

But you know what? Evil only happens when we stand by quietly.

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