Clark Howard: Volunteer to be a part of Team Clark Howard


What We Do:
Dedicated to empowering the consumer through advice, education and problem resolution, Team Clark volunteers man a busy consumer phone bank from 10 AM-7 PM ET, Monday through Friday. In addition, the team answers snail mail, does research and maintains a growing database of consumer issues.

We stay current on the latest consumer issues with professional seminars presented by different offices of the state government, trade associations and consumer help organizations. The Georgia Governor’s Office of Consumer Affairs, Equifax, FTC and Consumer Credit Counseling Service are just a few of the resources we use.

If you’re interested in educating and empowering other consumers, learning something new each time you come in and improving your own consumer skills, feel free to give us a call. We’ll set up an interview for you to see for yourself if this is the right volunteer opportunity for you.

Minimum requirements:
You must be a Metro Atlanta/Georgia resident. We ask for a six-month initial commitment. You are expected to work the same three-hour shift, one day per week. You should be available to work your shift 95% of the time.

How to Volunteer:
Call us at 404-897-2270