Visible Deal: Unlimited Service for $20 Monthly for Two Years

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This month only, Visible is offering a New Year’s deal that lets new customers get the Visible plan for $20 per month! The savings last for two years, which makes this a great deal to grab if you’ve been thinking about switching to Visible. 

In this article, I’ll explain how to get Visible’s latest deal and take a closer look at what you’ll get with Visible’s unlimited plans. 

How To Save $5-$10 Monthly on Visible’s Plans

Visible offers two unlimited plans: Visible and Visible+. If you sign up for service this month as a new customer, you can get a $5 monthly discount on the Visible plan or a $10 monthly discount on Visible+. 

To get this deal, visit Visible’s website and choose the plan you’d like to purchase. New members can bring their phone or purchase a new device to get started. Enter the promo code VISIBLE24 during checkout to get the discount. Then, you’ll simply set up your SIM and activate your service after purchasing the plan. 

Unlike many cell phone plan deals and discounts, the savings will last for 24 consecutive months. You will have to maintain service to keep the discount going each month. However, you’ll still prepay for only a month at a time, which is a great deal. That means you won’t be locked into any contracts or paying for two years of service upfront. Instead, you can cancel your service with Visible at any time if you find a better deal or aren’t satisfied with your service.

Visible: An Affordable Prepaid Alternative to Verizon Wireless

If you aren’t familiar with Visible, it’s a prepaid cell phone service provider that’s owned by Verizon Wireless. Customers on Visible’s phone plans have access to Verizon Wireless’ network as the carrier runs on the same towers. 

Visible offers only two cell phone plans, but they both can be great options for lowering your phone bill, especially with the current promotion.

Here’s what you’ll get with the Visible plan (typically $25 per month; $20 per month for the first two years with this deal.)

  • Unlimited talk, text and data
  • Access to Verizon Wireless’ 5G Nationwide & 4G LTE networks
  • Typical download speeds: 9-56Mbps
  • Unlimited mobile hotspot (up to 5Mbps speeds; limited to one device)
  • Unlimited talk and text to Mexico and Canada
  • Spam protection

Visible+ (typically $45 per month; $35 per month for the first two years with this deal) includes all the same features as the Visible plan plus the following.

  • Unlimited premium data on Verizon’s 5G Ultra Wideband network
  • 50GB per month of premium data on Verizon’s 5G & 4G LTE networks
  • Calling to 30+ countries and unlimited texting to 200+

In contrast, Verizon Wireless’ postpaid unlimited plans begin at $65 per month for one line with autopay. You can learn more about the differences between Visible and Verizon Wireless here.


To learn more about Visible’s plans and features, be sure to read our full Visible review before you decide to sign up for service.

Final Thoughts: Should You Switch?

If you’re wondering whether or not you should switch to Visible, here’s my recommendation: Check your phone’s compatibility online, make sure you’ll have service in your area by checking Visible’s coverage map, and then give it a try!

If you have an eSim-compatible device, you can sign up for a 15-day free trial of Visible without having to leave your current carrier. This is a great way to decide whether or not the service will work for you!

Even if you aren’t eligible for the free trial (or won’t have enough time to try it before this promotion ends on January 31) you can still sign up for the basic plan and use promo code VISIBLE24 to get your first month of service for as low as $20. If you like the service, you can keep your line active to keep the savings going for up to two years. If you aren’t happy with the service after a month, you can cancel it.

I had a great experience testing out Visible myself, and if Verizon has strong service in your area, Visible could be a great way to access those towers for a fraction of the cost.

Visible’s prices for unlimited talk, text and data also make it an extremely competitive option.

For example, Tello Mobile (Review) offers a $25 unlimited monthly plan with 35GB of high-speed data. With Visible’s current promotion, you can get an unlimited plan for $20 monthly with unlimited access to Verizon’s 5G Nationwide & 4G LTE networks.

Boost Mobile (Review) offers a $25/month unlimited plan with 30GB of high-speed data and no additional hotspot allocation. Alternatively, both of Visible’s plans include unlimited mobile hotspot. 

Finally, Mint Mobile (Review) offers a $30/month unlimited plan with 40GB of high-speed data and 10GB of mobile hotspot. However, you can currently get Mint Mobile’s unlimited plan for $15/month for the first three months, which does make it a better price for a limited time. Unlike Visible, you will notice reduced speeds after you’ve met your monthly data limit with Mint, and mobile hotspot is limited.

Visible is a month-to-month prepaid service, which means you can cancel at any time.


For more options, be sure to read our guide on the best cell phone plans and deals available now. If you do decide to make the switch, check out this guide that Team Clark put together to take you step-by-step through the process of changing carriers.