H2O Wireless: New Plans Include More Data + Mobile Hotspot

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H2O Wireless (Review) has recently updated its selection of individual unlimited plans to include more high-speed data for the same price. Each plan also now has a mobile hotspot allotment. 

In this article, I’ll take a closer look at H2O Wireless’ new plans including what you’ll get for the price and how they compare to other available plans. 

New H2O Wireless Plans Available Now

H2O Wireless offers five different monthly unlimited plans in addition to multi-line plans, pay-as-you-go plans, annual plans and tablet plans. Recently, H2O Wireless increased the high-speed data allotment, mobile hotspot allotment and 2G data speeds on each of its monthly unlimited plans.

Here are the new plans available now from H2O Wireless:

  • $20 ($18 with autopay) for 3GB high-speed data + 2GB hotspot and (previously 2GB + no hotspot)
  • $30 ($27 with autopay) for 10GB high-speed data + 5GB hotspot (previously 6GB + no hotspot)
  • $40 ($36 with autopay) for 20GB high-speed data + 5GB hotspot (previously 15GB + no hotspot)
  • $50 ($45 with autopay) for 40GB high-speed data + 5GB hotspot (previously no hotspot)
  • $60 ($54 with autopay) for 60GB high-speed data + 20GB hotspot (previously 15GB hotspot)

Each of these plans also include unlimited talk and text as well as unlimited data at 2G speeds (256 kbps) once you’ve reached your monthly allotment of high-speed data usage. H2O’s unlimited 2G speeds have also increased; previously, speeds were limited to 128 kbps after reaching your monthly high-speed data allotment.

Each of these plans also includes varying levels of international talk, text and roaming. You can check out the details of H2O Wireless’ monthly unlimited plans online. 

Before you decide to switch, be sure to read our full H2O Wireless review.

H2O Wireless: An Affordable AT&T MVNO

If you aren’t familiar with H2O Wireless, it’s an MVNO (mobile virtual network operator) that uses AT&T’s network to deliver service to its customers at a discounted rate. If you have service in your area with AT&T, you’ll likely also be covered with H2O Wireless.

Other AT&T resellers and MVNOs include Cricket Wireless (Review) and Consumer Cellular (Review) among others. Compared to these MVNOs, H2O Wireless offers excellent plan choices. 

For example, Cricket Wireless’ plans begin at $30/month for 5GB of high-speed data, which is the same price as 10GB of high-speed data plus 5GB of mobile hotspot with H2O. Consumer Cellular’s plans begin at $20 for 1GB of high-speed data, which is the same price as 3GB of high-speed data plus 2GB of hotspot at H2O Wireless.


H2O’s multi-line plans have also placed the carrier in our top three picks for the best phone plan for two people (Best Family Phone Plan; Best Cheap Phone Plans). With this plan, you can choose either two or four lines for $25 per line per month. The high-speed data allotment on these plans has also increased this year (from 6GB of high-speed data per line to 10GB).

Final Thoughts

While H2O Wireless is one of the cheapest options available on AT&T’s network, you’ll still be able to find better prices with MVNOs on other networks.

For example, Tello Mobile (Review) offers 1GB for $10, 2GB for $14 and 25GB for $29. Mint Mobile (Review) offers 5GB for $15 and 40GB for $30 (though you can get any Mint Mobile plan for $15/month for a limited time). Both Tello and Mint use T-Mobile’s network. 

Still, if AT&T has better service in your area, or if you’ve been thinking about trying out H2O Wireless, now is a great time to switch! Be sure to check out our full H2O Wireless review before you purchase a plan. Once you’ve made your decision, check out our step-by-step guide to switching cell phone service providers.

Will you be switching to one of H2O Wireless’ new plans? Let us know in our Clark.com Community!

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