Uber Plans to Track Users at All Times


If you use Uber, you might want to reconsider.

Uber, the app that functions as a modern taxi service, wants to access customer data even when they aren’t using the Uber app. These changes, set to take place in the next month, will allow Uber to collect precise location data – even after you’ve closed the app. Uber is also planning on accessing user’s address books to collect contact information.

Here are the specifics of the new policy:

“If you permit the Uber app to access the address book on your device…we may access and store names and contact information from your address book to facilitate social interactions through our Services and for other purposes described in this Statement or at the time of consent or collection.”

The Electronic Privacy  Information Center filed a complaint with the FTC saying that these changes “threaten the privacy rights and personal safety of American consumers” and that Uber is practicing “unfair and deceptive trade practice(s).”

Uber disagrees with the this privacy rights organization. But I don’t. I chose to uninstall Uber from my phone. Just know, this policy is invasive and if you remain an Uber user, you do so with risk to your privacy.

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