This pickup truck has traveled over 700,000 miles and still going strong!


We recently asked Clark’s Facebook fans to show us their car odometer readings, and one of them caught us completely by surprise!

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This Toyota pickup truck is built to last

This 2000 Toyota Tacoma pickup truck has traveled more than 700,000 miles! A man by the name of Yury owns the vehicle. He bought it used with about 45,000 miles, according to his daughter.

She first told us about the truck on Facebook:

Nonna: My dad has a 2000 Toyota Tacoma 740k miles!! Original engine, original transmission. The guys at the emissions place are always taking pics of his mileage. I think Toyota should give him a new truck when he hits 1,000,000 mi!

Nonna later sent us a picture of the odometer, and it actually had an incredible 708,084 miles on it.

This pickup truck has more than 700,000 miles!

What’s the secret to keeping this truck running? For one thing, Nonna said her father uses all synthetic oil and changes it out every 3,000 miles. She said the most expensive repair he’s made is replacing the ignition coil.

Yury drives the pickup truck about 60,000 miles a year, according to Nonna, and it’s able to withstand Atlanta’s miserable traffic.

“It’s beat up on the inside and out–but purrs like a kitten!” she said.

This pickup truck has more than 700,000 miles!


The MSRP for a new Toyota Tacoma starts at $23,660, and the pickup truck has received a “Best Resale Value Award” from Kelley Blue Book.

So, do you think Yury deserves a new truck if his makes it to 1,000,000 miles? We do!

This pickup truck has more than 700,000 miles!

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