25 best and worst cars for customer satisfaction


While the car market remains red hot, a new customer satisfaction index finds consumer perception of the auto industry is chilling.

Overall satisfaction is down nearly 4%, according to the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI). The decline in satisfaction is really twofold. First, car prices have risen in the last 36 months. The average price of a new car is $32,600, which is a new high. That’s because people are tricking out their cars. You can easily take a car’s price up 50% from the base model without even trying. In the blink of an eye, a $20,000 car becomes a $30,000 car!

Second, in addition to dissatisfaction with price, consumer perception has also been soured by recall after recall. Some 64 million vehicles were recalled in 2014 alone.

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Who makes the best and worst cars?

The ACSI has crunched the numbers and found the exact brand winners and losers in terms of customer satisfaction. It’s nice to a see Lincoln — an American nameplate — among the Top 3. But poor Chrysler! They are win, place and show for the worst!

  1. Lexus (Toyota)
  2. Acura (Honda)
  3. Lincoln (Ford)
  4. Mercedes-Benz
  5. BMW
  6. Subaru
  7. Toyota
  8. Hyundai
  9. Buick (GM)
  10. Cadillac (GM)
  11. Honda
  12. Mazda
  13. Volkswagen
  14. Chevrolet (GM)
  15. Ford
  16. Volvo
  17. Audi (Volkswagen)
  18. GMC (GM)
  19. Kia
  20. Infiniti (Nissan)
  21. Mitsubishi
  22. Nissan
  23. Dodge (Fiat Chrysler)
  24. Chrysler (Fiat Chrysler)
  25. Fiat (Fiat Chrysler)

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