New tech helps you keep track of your kid’s driving habits


I am a parent of a teenager. I have an older daughter who as a new driver totaled not one but two cars. Injured both times, fortunately not seriously. But the number one cause of death among young people is behind the wheel of an automobile.

So, parents don’t look the other way. You’ve got to pay attention to this. There are now a number of technologies available that will help make your teenager safer behind the wheel. Maybe even you if you are a distracted driver.

The new Chevy Malibu coming out has a teen driver mode where you as a parent can restrict what your teen does in a car and monitor what he or she is doing. And there are a number of devices you can add to your son’s or daughter’s smart phone, or that you can put in a car, that will help you restrict how they drive and monitor what they do when they are behind the wheel.

I have a list of these for you so you can keep your kid safe!

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