Hands Free in a Car Has Its Own Dangers


Many states ban the use of a cellphone when you’re driving. They want you to do your calls and texts hands free. But it turns out those hands free laws could be more trouble than they’re worth.

New studies from AAA and the University of Utah find that it can be more dangerous and distracting to use a hands-free system built into a car than to make a call holding your phone by dialing and talking.

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Popular hands free systems are particularly dangerous

Two of the most dangerous things of all were found to be Apple’s Siri and Chevrolet’s MyLink system, according to the study.

Of course, the reality is that when you’re driving, anything other than paying attention to the road is distracting!

My car has Bluetooth built into it. I can say, “Call so and so,” and it will do that. But the real distraction is where my mind is at when I am on a call.

Sometimes I don’t remember how I got from point A to B because I’m so into engaged in that call. True confession: I have even driven past my exit on occasion!

And I’ve never told anyone this, but recently I was so distracted by hands free calling that I got on the wrong freeway entrance ramp. I got on going south instead of going northbound. I realized right as I got on the ramp, so I went to the next exit and had to turn around.

I’m embarrassed to admit that, but it’s true!

Remember, whatever text or call you’re getting while you’re driving, nothing can be so important that it can’t wait until later. Please don’t answer those texts. If you know you’re tempted to, just throw your phone on the backseat when you get in.


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