New Report: Automakers With the Most and Fewest Recalls

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Recalls affect both new or used cars from time to time. Last year, there were more than 1,000 recalls involving more than 35 million vehicles, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

A recent report from vehicle research site shows the vehicles with the most and fewest recalls.

To come up with the study’s results, iSeeCars calculated the number of vehicle safety recalls and projected recalls as of May 7, 2024 for model years 2015-2024 using safety recall campaign data from the NHTSA.

What Cars Have the Most and Fewest Recalls?

Here are some key findings regarding vehicle recalls:

  • With only 0.2 lifetime projected recalls, the MINI Convertible leads the industry with the least-recalled cars.
  • In addition to MINI and Lexus, Mercedes-Benz and Audi are among the least recalled cars.
  • Tesla’s entire model line occupies four of the top seven most recalled vehicles.

For the purposes of this article, we won’t cover over-the-air recalls (OTAs) which allow for remote updates to vehicles like the Tesla models and some other electric vehicles. “When OTA recalls are removed all four Tesla models and the Rivian R1S drop out of the top 25 most recalled list, while the Lucid moves to the last slot (25),” the study says.

The vehicles on the least recalled list are projected to experience one or fewer recalls over their lifespan, the study says. Let’s take a closer look:

Cars With the Fewest Recalls

ModelExpected 30-Year Lifetime RecallsCompared to Median
MINI Convertible0.20.1x
Lexus ES 300h0.30.1x
Lexus RX 450h0.30.1x
Lexus NX 300h0.30.1x
Lexus ES 2500.30.1x
Audi TTS0.40.1x
Mazda MX-5 Miata RF0.40.1x
Mercedes-Benz CLA0.40.1x
Mercedes-Benz GLA0.40.1x
Mercedes-Benz GLC0.40.1x

The most recalled cars are projected to have between 14.7 and 70.7 recalls over a 30-year lifespan, according to iSeeCars. The list is led by Porsche and Tesla. It also notes that Tesla’s ability to do electronic OTA updates might mitigate some of the trouble of bringing the car into a service center at least some of the time.

Cars With the Most Recalls

ModelExpected 30-Year Lifetime RecallsCompared to Median
Porsche Taycan70.721.9x
Tesla Model Y66.920.7x
Tesla Model 360.718.8x
Porsche Panamera43.113.3x
Lucid Air40.112.4x
Tesla Model S38.511.9x
Tesla Model X37.611.6x
Lincoln Aviator26.28.1x
Genesis GV7022.36.9x
Kia Telluride22.26.9x

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How To Know if a Vehicle Has Been in a Recall

To find out whether a vehicle you’re considering buying has been involved in a recall, enter its VIN into the NHTSA website.

VIN checks tell you other information that you should know before you buy a used car, including if the vehicle has been involved in a flood. Read our guide on how to look up VINs for free.


Final Thoughts

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