This couple replaced both of their incomes by selling on Amazon


There are so many different ways people are making their entrepreneurial dreams come true. You might have a business idea and think to yourself, ‘That will never work.’

But the truth is people are making their business dreams a reality every day!

In fact, CNBC reported Monday that there are now more millionaires living in the U.S. than ever before — and 300,000 people hit the million mark last year. 

That’s a bunch of people who hit a huge financial mile marker. Why shouldn’t that be you? 

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Making entrepreneurial dreams come true

But let’s say instead of making a million dollars, your first goal is to live your passion and make enough money doing it that you’re able to quit your day job.

That’s how Jessica, a mom and blogger, brought her husband home from working a job he didn’t particularly like by selling on Amazon. 

In a post for, the mom and blogger behind explains how she and her husband have replaced their incomes by becoming experts at selling items on

‘Five years ago, I had a dream that I would be able to retire my husband from the job that he hated. Little did I know that in less than 2 years of setting that goal, it would actually come true.’

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She continues, ‘You see, I was laid off from the same company he was working for… but instead of finding another job, I replaced my income by selling new and used goods on eBay.’

Jessica goes on to share how she transitioned from eBay to Amazon by way of Amazon’s Fulfillment By Amazon, or FBA program. She shopped clearance items at drugstores and resold them for a profit on Amazon. After just under two years, she was able to fulfill her dream of bringing her husband home from work, and now they work together on Jessica’s business full-time.

As it turns out, Jessica’s layoff was a blessing in disguise! Jessica and her husband Cliff now help others who want to earn extra money on Amazon through their blog

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