Clark talks about his new book, upcoming book tour


We are just days away from the release of my ninth and newest book, Clark Howard’s Living Large in Lean Times, and I am fired up about this new one. I’m really, really happy with how it turned out.

We are in a tougher era and, believe me, it won’t end in a minute. It will take a while, especially for a recovery in employment, even if everything goes perfectly over the next many years. A lot of people are underemployed and a lot are trying the entrepreneurial route. And Clark Howard’s Living Large in Lean Times is all about how you can stretch that buck during this trying time. Pre-order it online now ahead of the Aug. 2 release.

We are also in the midst of our book countdown contest. I’m giving away $500 each week in July to a new winner. One person will even get $1,000 in early August.

This week’s winner is Vickie Patton of Blairsville, Georgia. You have won $500 from me! For everyone else, you can still register for the remaining cash drawings. No purchase is necessary to enter.

I appreciate all the kind words from those who haven’t seen the book, but are just happy for me because it’s coming out.  I’m getting ready to go out on road for book promotion and signing events around the country.

But last week, while I was on vacation, I got injured and I was worried whether or not I’d be able to hit the road!

My family and I were playing laser tag and I got clocked by 6’2″ high school kid who looked like he was a linebacker on the varsity team. Now, you’re not supposed to run when playing laser tag. But this kid came at me full speed and bam! His outstretched arm and laser gun go right into my left eye. The impact breaks my frames into two and shatters the left lens into jagged pieces.

I got an abrasion across the whole length of the left eye and a little chunk taken out up at top! When I got hit, I went down. All I was thinking about as I was lying there is, “I gotta go on book tour. What if I can’t find a spare pair of glasses?!”

Then I realized I couldn’t see out of the eye. I was walked out of the arcade and a medic arrived to patch my eye on site. My wife then called a friend who lived in the area and that person told me to go to one particular nearby practice. They saw me even though I had no appointment. The doc put this protective lens on my eye, almost like a contact lens bandage, for three days.

I started to get fuzzy vision back slowly and I had to go back each day for more monitoring. Thankfully, I will make a full recovery with my eye.


But the funny thing is one doc I saw over the three days was all over me about the cheap Chinese glasses that I love! He insisted you need a true eye care professional fitting glasses for you. That’s the professional opinion I’ve heard again and again. But if money’s tight and you might not fill a prescription otherwise, the cheap Chinese spectacles start at about $7 from a variety of sites like, and more.

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