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These HOT deals have no ticket-by date and could vanish at any time. Act fast on a purchase! HOT deals can often be available just once a week or up to 3 times a week (mostly midweek). Also, deep discount rates are blacked out over Christmas, New Year’s and President holidays. Keep this in mind when you see a range of permitted travel dates.

NEW! WOW! Fly nonstop to Miami at rates of $48 round-trip, or $29 south, $19 north. Valid south January 7-March 6; north January 9-March 13 or April 17-May 9. Frontier.

Nonstop flights to Salt Lake City are priced from $98-$138 round-trip, or $49-$69 each way on westbound departures January 8-29; February 12-May 1. Valid east January 8-February 7; March 5-April 16 or May 1-15. Frontier.

Frontier offers nonstop service to Colorado Springs. Book now for spring travel!
$59 / Wednesdays May 1-15; June 6 west / May 1-15 east
$74 / Wednesdays May 22-August 7 / May 22-August 7 east
$84 / Saturdays May 4-18 / May 4-June 7 east

NEW! Rates of $138 round-trip to Denver, or $69 each way offered on nonstop Frontier flights.
West: January 6-March 6; East: January 7-March 6
One-way rates of $79 valid most dates through August 7.

NEW! Fly nonstop to Denver at round-trip rates of $158, or $79 each way with United.
West: Tuesdays, Wednesdays January 8-29; Tuesdays February 12-March 26
East: Wednesdays January 9-23; February 6-13; February 26

NEW! Rates of $178 round-trip to San Juan, Puerto Rico, or $89 each way are offered on nonstop Frontier flights. Valid south January 7-May 28; north January 11-May 21. Not daily.

Fly with Delta nonstop to Los Angeles at rates of $208 round-trip, or $104 each way. Valid west January 8-May 10; July 10-August 8. Valid east January 7-June 12; July 4-August 7.

NEW! Mix and match one-way rates to and from Vancouver BC on three airlines.
American: $99-$103 west January 10-February 26; April 2-30 / $121 east January 10-February 26
Delta: $99-$103 west January 10-February 13; September 10-November 5 / $121 east January 14-March 6; April 1-June 19 or September 10-November 12
United: $99 west January 21-29; March 4-11; April 3-May 1 or October 2-November 6 / $121 east January 10-June 19 or August 15-November 12
All service YVR with one connection.

Fly nonstop on Delta to San Jose CA at round-trip rates of $227. Valid January 12-March 2. Final travel March 27.

NEW! Seats are quite limited, but there’s still $300 round-trip tickets to the top ski resorts in the world!
$266 American / January 26; February 3, 23-26 ; March 14, 26 / Final April 1
$287 Delta / January 8, 12, 15, 22, 26 / Final February 13
$304 United / January 8, 12, 19; February 2 / Final February 27
$304 American / 2 x week, January 8-February 9; February 26 / Final March 27
$304 United / January 12, 15, 19; February 2, 9 / Final March 6
Grand Junction: 
$304 American / 2 x week, January 8-February 26 / Final March 6
$304 United / January 12, 15; February 2, 9, 26 / Final March 26

NEW! Fly nonstop on Delta to San Juan, Puerto Rico at rates of $298 round-trip, or $149 each way. Valid south January 14-August 5; north January 16-July 10.

NEW! Summer 2019! Fly to Bologna, Italy at rates of $750-$768 on May 14-June 12 or August 5-September 11 departures. Final travel September 20. Use and choose Air Canada, United and Lufthansa from the Airlines drop-down menu. Rates are typically $1,450+ during this travel window.


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Complimentary Parking
Country Inn & Suites by Radisson offers a Park & Stay package now through December 31. Stay at a participating hotel in the U.S. or Canada and receive transportation to and from the airport and park free for up to 7 consecutive nights. Additional amenities include hot breakfast and Wi-Fi. Nightly rates vary by property. Plus, Radisson Rewards members earn 2,000 bonus points per stay. Not a Radisson Rewards member? It’s free to join.

The posh Pontchartrain Hotel on Bourbon Street in New Orleans offers the NOLA Holiday package, which offers a stay in a master suite with an attached living room decked out for the season. Guests will also be greeted with cookies and milk upon arrival at the hotel, and receive a New Orleans–themed children’s book, as well as two all-day streetcar passes.
From $111 a night using code NOLA.


Rental Car Warning
Before you drive away from a rental car lot, do a walk around inspection and return to the desk with any notes you have made of dings, dents, scratches or any other damage. Have an agent amend your contract with these issues. And as you pull away from the rental car lot, pay close attention to the ride. Does the steering pull left or right, vibrate? With any issue you detect, return to the lot and request a new vehicle or an amendment to your contract of the issue.
According to, a tourist visiting D.C. failed to inform Alamo of a crooked steering wheel and was later slapped with a $1,400 repair bill. It didn’t concern the man initially since the car “seemed to track consistently.” The damage recovery unit of Alamo’s parent company Enterprise deemed the driver responsible for the replacement of the vehicle’s rack and pinion system. The renter was also threatened with a bad credit agency mark and placed on Alamo’s “Do Not Rent” list if he didn’t pay up!
How can you protect your wallet?
Request a new vehicle if you must return with even a minor issue. Also, take date printed images before and after the rental period to prove you are not responsible for a preexisting issue.

Italy Crackdown
Rome won’t tolerate badly behaving tourists and locals. A new law is in effect that bans alcohol consumption and bathing in fountains. Organized pub crawls and boozy tours that are centered around drinking at breweries, pubs and wine bars are banned.
It’s prohibited to buy alcohol from a shop or drink in public from 10P-7A, and even clubs have to stop serving alcohol after 2A.
A good thing: The Centurions – those who dress up as ancient Roman soldiers found around tourist attractions in Rome are now forbidden from receiving money for posing for photos.
Ticket touts who often overcharge tourists for tours and attractions, promising them the chance to skip the queue, are also banned from selling or promoting tours, museums, theatre performances or any other activities.
Graffitiing the Unesco World Heritage-protected part of the city, flyering, stickering and dropping cigarette butts on the ground are all banned too.
Italy will increase the number of free entrance days at its museums from 12 to 20 – and many museums will introduce €2 tickets for 18 to 25-year-olds. Starting March 10 entrance to all state museums will be free, Tuesday to Sunday.
Previously state museums offered free admissions on the first Sunday of every month. That has been squashed as it creates long queues and overcrowding. If a museum has too many visitors arriving on free Sundays, like the Colosseum, it will be able to have free entrance perhaps in a weekday afternoon slot, to better manage the crowds.


Visit the Special Deals page at Air Canada (until we dig up more deals!).

Toronto Escapes offers one-way Air Canada flights to Toronto, Ontario from 45 U.S. cities with fares starting from $99 (NYC).


Watch this space…


NEW! Fly with JetBlue to the Turks & Caicos at rates of $317-$327 round-trip. Depart January 2-March 19 or April 9. Final travel April 30. One connection. Purchase by January 3.


WOW Air offers new, nonstop flights from Orlando to Reykjavik, Iceland from December 18 through April 2019. One-way rates of $99 are valid on January and March flights. Connect in Reykjavik to other European cities including London, Dublin, Paris, Stockholm, and Berlin from $149 each way. Return flights are often higher. Plus, fares are for seat-only. All else is extra, including seat selection, carry-on and checked baggage, meals, water — you get it

WOW air adds a new route to India with one-way flights from the U.S. starting at $199. The New Delhi route launches December 5 (5 x week via Reykjavik, Iceland), but the $199 flights are currently only available from January 10-March 31. Travelers must purchase a round-trip ticket. Fly from these U.S. gateways: Boston, Newark, Baltimore, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Detroit, San Francisco, Los Angeles or St. Louis. Flights require a connection in Iceland.
The $199 rate includes a personal carry-on item (17”³ x 13”³ x 10”³ or less). Extra fees apply for additional carry-on and checked bags, seat reservations, and in-flight meals.

WOW Air, Iceland’s ultra-affordable transatlantic airline, serves Reykjavik, Iceland and dozens of cities across Europe from these North American gateway airports:
Boston, Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Dallas-Ft. Worth, Detroit, Los Angeles, NYC JFK and Newark, Pittsburgh, St. Louis, San Francisco and Montreal and Toronto.
Shop for the best fares from any of these departure airports. Rates start from $149 each way. Travel to Europe requires one flight connection in each direction at the Keflavik airport near Reykjavik.
Ok, what’s the catch? There are quite a few…
First, a return flight from Europe will likely be higher. One carry-on bag is free if it fits under the seat in front of you. The price to use overhead bin space is $39.99 and up, each way
One checked bag starts at $59.99 each way
Advance seat assignment starts from $6.99 (factor $30 in seat costs for four segments)
Water purchased on board is $3.00
If you’re ready to go, book at WOW Air now!

Norwegian Air is now servicing Belfast, North Ireland with nonstop flights from two east coast airports: Providence, Rhode Island and Stewart, New York with one-way rates are as low as $99.
Tips for Norwegian Air deals: Visit this page at Norwegian Air for deals through March 2019. Find your departure city* in the drop-down menu at the top to reveal the bargains. Next, tweak the month of travel using the right arrow (beneath What’s your budget?). There are more price options to view if you’re willing to take a connecting flight with a layover.  Choose “both direct and transit” from the second drop-down menu. Remember that return flights from Europe can be and are often priced higher.
Tip: You may find the best deal by booking two one-way tickets — one from the U.S. and the second through the European website for Norwegian. Visit and then choose the country of departure.
*U.S. Gateways: Boston, Chicago, Denver, Providence, Newark, NYC-Stewart, Oakland and Seattle.
And don’t forget the optional charges should you want to check bags, reserve a seat, or have an in-flight meal.


Check round-trip rates on Qantas from Los Angeles to Brisbane, Melbourne or Sydney. Rates start at $1,457. The link will also display occasion sale rates from $899. Regularly published rates require a 120-day advance purchase and a 14-night minimum stay.

Travel to Denpasar, Bali the long way on Qatar Airways. Round-trip rates from ATL are $860. Depart January 14-May 8 or August 26-October 22. Final travel October 30. Purchase by January 30. One connection in Doha.


Purchase these deals from Singapore Air departing Houston (use the city drop-down menu to choose Houston or another U.S. gateway):
$725-$769 Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Hanoi, Penang, Phuket, Bali, Cebu and more…
Valid on departures through December 31, 2018.  No minimum stay required; one month max.  Routing is via Singapore.  Stopovers not permitted.  Similar discounts available from other Singapore gateways: Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York City. Use the drop-down menu to change departure airport.

NEW! Fly with Qatar Airways to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia at rates of $778 round-trip. Depart January 14-May 8 or August 26-October 22. Final returns by October 30. Purchase by January 30. One connection in Doha.


Plan now! Take off for Tel Aviv, via Iceland, at one-way rates of $199 for travel in 2019!
Fly from these WOW U.S. gateways:
Boston: September, October
Chicago: September
Detroit: September, October
Los Angeles: September
New York: September, October
San Francisco: September
Washington DC.: September, October
Book online at WOW.


New flight service may not be offered daily, and some service may be offered only seasonally.

Aer Lingus:
July 8: Minneapolis – Dublin

Air France:
March 31: Atlanta – Paris
March 31: Dallas – Paris

May 2: Washington DC – Rome

American Airlines:
December 19: Philadelphia – St. Thomas
December 22: NYC – St. Thomas
December 24: DFW – Key West (Saturday service through April 1)
February 16: Philadelphia – Orlando Melbourne MLB
February 16: Chicago – Key West (through August 31)
February 19: Seattle – El Paso
March 31: Charlotte – Munich
March 31-October 26: Phoenix – London
April: Boston – Honolulu (11 hr, 40 min nonstop)
May 3: Chicago – Athens
May 3: Asheville – Philadelphia
May 3: Charlotte – Erie
April 2: Philadelphia – Bologna
April 2: Philadelphia – Edinburgh
June-September: Philadelphia – Berlin and Dubrovnik
June: Dallas – Dublin and Munich

Cayman Airways:
March-September: Denver – Grand Cayman

Delta Air Lines:
March 2-April 27: Boston – Sarasota
April 22: Atlanta – Ontario CA
May 23: Boston – Edinburgh
May 23: Boston – Lisbon
May 23: Tampa – Amsterdam
June 29: Detroit – Honolulu

December 6: Orlando – Portsmouth NH
December 10: Sarasota – Atlanta
February 9: Orlando – Burlington; seasonal 2x week
February 10: Philadelphia – Montego Bay

Hawaiian Airlines:
April 4: Boston – Honolulu

March 31: Seattle – Tokyo NRT

TBA 2019: Ft. Lauderdale – Guayaquil, Ecuador
February 14-April 22: Boston – St. Thomas

March 31: Boston – Amsterdam
June 6: Las Vegas – Amsterdam

Korean Air/KLM:
April 12: Boston – Seoul-Incheon, Korea: 5x week

LOT Polish:
June 1: Warsaw – Miami: 4x week

Singapore Airlines:
September 3: Seattle – Changi-Singapore

March 9: Cleveland – Tampa / Cincinnati – Orlando; Saturdays; seasonal
March 9: St. Louis – Montego Bay and Punta Cana; Saturdays; seasonal
March 9: Milwaukee, Pittsburgh, Raleigh-Durham, San Antonio – Cancun; Saturdays; seasonal
March 9: Baltimore – Cabo San Lucas; Saturdays; seasonal
June 9: Nashville – Burbank
June 9: Nashville – San Jose CA
June 9: Nashville – Norfolk
June 9: Nashville – Seattle
June 9: Nashville – Omaha
June 9: San Diego – Omaha
June 9: San Francisco – Ontario
June 9: Austin, Texas – Raleigh
June 15: Baltimore – Grand Cayman
June 15: Houston – Punta Cana DR

December 16: Ft. Lauderdale – Cartagena
December 13-February 7: Ft. Lauderdale – San Salvador
January 10: Phoenix – Chicago
February 14: Ft. Lauderdale – Punta Cana

January 6: Chicago – Key West (Saturday, Sunday through February 13)
Winter 2018/19: DC-Dulles – St. Thomas
Spring 2019: Los Angeles – Eugene, Madison WI and Pasco WA
March 30: San Francisco – Amsterdam
April 6: Chicago – Hilton Head
May 22: Washington DC-Dulles – Tel Aviv; 3x week
May 22-October 4: Newark – Naples, Italy
June 6-October 4: Newark – Prague
June 6: Denver – Fairbanks
June 6: Denver – Charleston SC
June 6: Denver – Eureka CA

WOW Air:
December 18-April 2019: Orlando – Reykjavik, Iceland


British Airways offers special savings for AARP members on round-trip ticket purchases made at
Save $65 in World Traveller Economy Class
Save $130 World Traveller Plus Premium Economy
Save $400 in Club World Business Class or First Class
Customer must be an AARP member or must travel with an AARP member to be eligible for this exclusive offer. The discount does not apply to open jaw journey (only round-trip with same origin and destination permitted). Not valid if booked through BA call center or with a travel agent or travel website. All discounted fares will be highlighted with a red ‘Discount’. This offer is valid for bookings made by January 31, 2019, to over 130 worldwide destinations.


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