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These HOT deals have no ticket-by date and could vanish at any time. Act fast on a purchase!

WOW! Rates of $82 round-trip to Chicago-O’Hare, or $41 each way are valid on daily travel through February 14. A 21-day advance purchase required. Blackout dates: September 17; November 26, 27; December 22, 26; January 1, 2. Valid on American, nonstop.

Travel to Detroit at rates of $110 round-trip, or $55 each way through December 13. Valid Tuesday, Wednesday only. Blackout dates: September 17; October 15, 22; November 17, 22, 25-27. Follow the same rules for a deal of $87 each way to Las Vegas. Valid on American via Chicago, Dallas or Phoenix.

Rates of $114 round-trip to Minneapolis-St. Paul, or $57 each way are valid on trips finished on or before November 15. A 7-day advance purchase required. Not valid Friday or Sunday. Blackout dates: September 17; October 15, 22. Valid on American via Chicago.

NEW! Travel on Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday to/from Phoenix at rates of $118 round-trip, or $59 each way through October 3. A 21-day advance purchase required. No blackout dates! Valid on American, nonstop.

Frontier just announced a huge route expansion and Atlanta wins with a new nonstop flight to San Juan, Puerto Rico. Rates are $118 round-trip, or just $59 each way starting on or after October 5. Service is offered Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Schedule extended! Travel nonstop to Boston with JetBlue at rates of $124 round-trip, or $62 each way through May 1 — and no blackout dates. A 21-day advance purchase required.

Fly to New York-LaGuardia on daily nonstop American flights through March 7 at rates of $156 round-trip, or $78 each way. A 14-day advance purchase required. Blackout dates: September 17, November 26, 27; December 22, 26; January 1, 2.

NEW! Rates of $166 to Denver; $186 to Salt Lake City$206 round-trip to San Francisco are valid on Wednesday travel from November 2 through April 4 (valid Tuesday, Wednesday to/from Denver). No blackout dates. Valid on Frontier, nonstop.

Round-trip rates of $196 to Las Vegas, or $99 each way are valid on trips finished on or before November 1. A 21-day advance purchase required. Valid west 4P-midnight Monday-Wednesday, Saturday or Sunday. Valid east 6-9A or 3P-midnight Tuesday-Saturday. Service is nonstop on Delta.

Check out these round-trip offers, valid for travel through July 13 — with no blackout dates:
$206 New York-JFK / nonstop Delta
$232 Rochester or Syracuse, NY / nonstop Delta
$246 Newark / nonstop Delta and United
A 21-day advance purchase required. Stay at least one Saturday night.

NEW! Rates of $206 round-trip to Los Angeles, or $103 each way are valid on Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday travel through October 31. A 14-day advance purchase required. No blackout dates. Valid on Frontier, nonstop.

Two Ticket Hack! Purchase two tickets to get to Bermuda at rates of $400 round-trip, or $146 outbound, $254 return. Valid most days through December 14 on JetBlue. Purchase tickets as follows: 1. ATL-BOS-BDA and 2. BDA-BOS-ATL. Compare to Delta’s round-trip rates of $737!

Travel to Fairbanks, Alaska at rates of $508 round-trip, or $254 each way through July 13, 2018. A 14-day advance purchase required. Valid daily on Delta via Seattle. No blackout dates.

From other cities and gateways:

NEW! Travel from New York, Boston or Washington DC-Dulles to London — plus Iceland — at rates from $348 round-trip. This Icelandair exclusive offers the option to stopover in Reykjavik for up to one week at no additional charge. Valid on departures from October 20 with travel to be finished on or before December 13, or on departures from January 11 with travel to be completed on or before March 30.Rates of

Rates of $350 round-trip from New York to Paris are offered on trips started on or after August 20 and completed on or before October 20. No advance notice required. Valid daily on Icelandair via Reykjavik. Optional free stopovers of up to 7 days permitted in Iceland.

Rates of $427 round-trip are offered from Washington-DC Dulles to Inverness, Scotland on October 21-December 14 departures. Add $80 per round-trip on departures through October 20 (a 38-day advance purchase required). Valid daily on British Airways via London. Stopovers not allowed. A 7-night minimum stay required; six months max.

Travel to Inverness, Scotland from Washington DC-Dulles at rates of $440 round-trip when departing October 21-December 14. Valid daily on British Airways via London. Stopovers not permitted.  A 7-night minimum stay required; one year max. Rates from Chicago are $465.

NEW! Ireland stopover option! Travel with Aer Lingus from Boston to London City Airport (LCY) and add an optional free Dublin stopover at rates of $450 round-trip. Valid daily on November 1-March 31 departures. No blackout dates. Stay a Saturday night or up to a year. The airline serves both Dublin and London on nonstop service.

Travel from Boston to London at rates of $487 round-trip. Depart by April 6. Valid daily with no blackout dates! A 50-day advance purchase required and a minimum 7-night stay (one year max). Valid on American or Delta, nonstop.

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Purchase these round-trip offers by August 31:
$389 Steamboat Springs-Hayden
$400 Aspen
$420 Vail-Eagle
A 21-day advance purchase required. Finish trips on or before November 15. Valid Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday. Add $20-$25 per direction for other days. Blackout dates: October 15, 22. Valid on American via Dallas. Delta matches.


HOT! The following deals have been consistently published with no ticket-by date. We suggest you buy tickets ASAP! Finish trips on or before July 4 (see exceptions) — and no blackout dates! Travel to Ottawa, Ontario at rates of $217 round-trip, or $97 north, $120 south. A 14-day advance purchase required. Valid daily through September 7. Routing is via Philadelphia on American.
Round-trip rates of to $257 Halifax, Nova Scotia or $117 north, $140 south require a 14-day advance purchase. Valid daily on Delta via Boston.
Travel to Vancouver, British Columbia at round-trip rates of  $271, or $129 west, $142 east. A 21-day advance purchase required. Valid daily on Delta via Minneapolis, Salt Lake City or Seattle.
Rates of $275 round-trip to Calgary, Alberta, or $116 west, $159 east require a 7-day advance purchase required. Valid daily on Delta via Minneapolis.
Pay $276 round-trip to Edmonton, Alberta, or $126 north, $150 south. A 14-day advance purchase required. Valid on Delta via Minneapolis or Seattle.


Start and end a trip to San Jose, Costa Rica from Miami to save a bundle! Rates from Miami of $218 round-trip, or $95 south, $123 north require a 21-day advance purchase. Depart daily on American Airlines through August 31. Purchase by August 31. Note: Purchase a separate round-trip ATL-MIA-ATL ticket at rates as low as $98 round-trip for a total of $313 to Costa Rica. Compare to Delta’s $670 round-trip.


SAVE! Take advantage of one-way rates as low as $48 to Miami from Atlanta and then purchase separate one-way deals from Miami to the Caribbean. The following examples (from/to Miami) are valid daily through July 5 and based on a 21- or 14-day advance purchase:
$195 Aruba, or $80 south, $115 north
$206 St. Thomas USVI, or $101 south, $105 north
$221 Barbados, or $88 south, $133 north
$233 Montego Bay, or $99 south, $134 north
$263 Turks & Caicos, or $93 south, $170 north
Valid on nonstop American Airlines flights. These offers have no ticket-by date but have been published consistently for several weeks.
Round-trip rates from $102 are frequently offered on American or Frontier between ATL and Miami, nonstop.


NEW! Check out this Flash Sale from Icelandair:
$349 to Reykjavik from Boston; New York; Washington DC
$349-$399 to Oslo from Boston; New York; Washington DC
$349-$499 to Stockholm from Boston; Washington DC; New York; Minneapolis; Denver
$449 to Reykjavik from Chicago; Minneapolis
$499 to Copenhagen from Seattle; Washington DC; Chicago
$549 to Reykjavik from Portland, Oregon
$599-$699 to Zurich from Denver; Seattle; Chicago
$599-$799 to Paris from Seattle; Tampa; Portland, Oregon
All Icelandair flights to Reykjavik are nonstop, and flights to the rest of Europe have an easy connection in Reykjavik. All include seat selection, carry-on bag and checked bag. As an option: Add on a stopover of up to seven nights in Reykjavik to enjoy sites like the Blue Lagoon and Golden Circle, and to use the airline’s new “Stopover Pass,” which provides access to exclusive events like concerts and tickets to games. Book by August 21 at Icelandair.

NEWS! Norwegian Air will begin serving London Gatwick from Austin and Chicago next spring. The carrier will offer four flights a week from Chicago (starting March 25) and three a week from Austin (starting March 27) with service on Boeing 787 Dreamliners. One-way rates start from $174 from Chicago and $249 from Austin.
Norwegian Air will also launch new service to Rome from three U.S. cities. Service from Newark will launch November 9; November 11 from Los Angeles and from Oakland in February 2018. Introductory rates are now on sale to Rome’s Leonardo Da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport starting from $189 one way, taxes included.
Norwegian Air is now servicing Ireland with nonstop flights from two east coast airports:
Providence, Rhode Island to Belfast, Cork, Dublin and Shannon
ewburgh/Stewart, New York to Belfast, Dublin and Shannon
One-way rates are as low as $179 to Ireland with higher return fares.
Tips for Norwegian Air deals: Visit this page at Norwegian Air for deals through May 2018.  Find your departure city in the drop-down menu at the top to reveal the bargains. Next, tweak the month of travel using the right arrow (beneath What’s your budget?). There are more price options to view if you’re willing to take a connecting flight with a layover.  Choose “both direct and transit” from the second drop-down menu. Remember that return flights from Europe can be and are often priced higher.
Tip: You may find the best deal by booking two one-way tickets — one from the U.S. and the second through the European website for Norwegian. Visit and then choose the country of departure.
And don’t forget the optional charges should you want to check bags, reserve a seat, or have an in-flight meal.

Travel to Ireland with Aer Lingus at the following round-trip rates:
$615 Dublin or $672 Shannon
Valid daily starting on or after November 1. Stay one weekend. Finish trips on or before February 21. No blackout dates. Purchase by August 23. Routing is via London to Shannon; Chicago to Dublin. Stopovers not permitted.


Coming soon…


Purchase these Singapore Air specials departing Houston by September 30:
$645-$705 Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Hanoi, Penang, Phuket, Bali, Cebu and more…
Valid on departures through October 31.  No minimum stay required; one month max.  Routing is via Singapore.  Stopovers not permitted.  Similar discounts available from other Singapore gateways: Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York City.

Rates of $655 round-trip to Beijing, China are valid on September 2-October 5 or November 1-30 departures. A 10-night minimum stay required; six months max. Valid on American via Chicago or Delta via Detroit. Purchase by August 23.

Travel to Bangkok, Thailand at rates of $977 round-trip on departures through May 2, 2018. No advance purchase required — go as soon as this week. Stay one weekend or up to four months. Valid on Turkish Airlines via Istanbul. No overnight required. Blackout dates: December 9-27 outbound and December 30-January 18 returns. Purchase by September 7.


Round-trip rates of $695 to Bombay-Mumbai, India permit a free optional stopover in London. Depart on any available day of the week during these seasons: now though December 7 or December 24-May 15. Stay at least one Saturday night or up to four months. Valid on Delta via London and Paris. Purchase by September 7.

NEW! Purchase these round-trip rates by September 7:
$798 Nairobi, Kenya
$840 Cairo, Egypt
Depart daily from September 1-May 15, 2018. Stay at least one weekend or up to four months. Valid on Lufthansa via Frankfurt. Stopovers permitted for an additional $100 per stop.


Check out the many new routes announced from various U.S. gateway cities at Clark’s National Travel Deals page.


It’s rare when admission to Walt Disney World theme parks are discounted. Take advantage of the savings with a 4-Park Magic Ticket for $79 per day, per adult ($316) and $74 for guests age 3-9 ($296). It’s the best way to experience Walt Disney World theme parks, with one admission to each of the 4 theme parks (Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Epcot or Magic Kingdom) for 4 days.
Normally, a standard four-day ticket with admission to each Disney World park will set you back $350 per person (age 10+) per day.
Tickets expire 14 days after first use or by September 30, whichever comes first.
Purchase tickets by August 23.

British Airways offers special savings for AARP members on round-trip ticket purchases made at
Save $65 in World Traveller Economy Class
Save $130 World Traveller Plus Premium Economy
Save $400 in Club World Business Class or First Class
Customer must be an AARP member or must travel with an AARP member to be eligible for this exclusive offer. The discount does not apply to open jaw journey (only round-trip with same origin and destination permitted). Not valid if booked through BA call center or with a travel agent or travel website. All discounted fares will be highlighted with a red ‘Discount’. This offer is valid for bookings made by January 31, 2018 to over 130 worldwide destinations.


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