Frontier Air Captain Buys Pizza For Stranded Passengers


Too often all we hear about are customer no-service stories where companies go out of way their not to serve customers. But right now, I need to tip my hat to Gerhard Brandner, a captain of Frontier Airlines, for an opposite kind of story.

Amid ugly storms in the Midwest, the plane Gerhard was piloting from Washington, D.C., to Denver got diverted in Cheyenne. You know the drill: The plane is sitting and sitting and people are getting hungrier and hungrier as they wait for the weather to pass and the backlog of other diverted planes to resume their travels.

So what does the good captain do? According to KDRV, he pulls his credit card out of his wallet and buys 50 pizzas for everyone on the plane!

Eventually the weather lifted and they made it to Denver after a daylong affair.

I’m not sure if he’ll get reimbursement or not for the pizzas. But isn’t it great when you see somebody at a big faceless corporation that does something out of the goodness of their heart? Better still, more companies should empower employees to do what Gerhard did!   


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