The Airline Most Americans Trust to Keep Them Safe From COVID-19

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The demand for travel has plummeted due to the coronavirus pandemic. But as states reopen, more Americans may be thinking about flying again.

Many airlines like Delta have instituted stricter cleaning procedures and other measures, but you still may be wondering how safe it is to travel. A recent survey from travel resource site The Vacationer shows which airlines people trust the most to keep them safe from coronavirus.

Here are some key takeaways from the survey:

  • Respondents trust Southwest Airlines the most to keep them safe from COVID-19
  • Only 12.35% of respondents trust budget carriers to keep them safe from COVID-19
  • People over age 60 trust budget carriers the least

Let’s look at how survey respondents feel about safety on 10 popular airlines:

Americans Trust These Airlines the Most to Keep Them Safe From COVID-19

Airline Percentage
Alaska Airlines 7.38%
Allegiant Air 1.89%
American Airlines 15.78%
Delta Airlines 20.24%
Frontier Airlines 1.89%
Hawaiian Airlines 3.60%
JetBlue 7.03%
Southwest Airlines 23.16%
Spirit Airlines 1.54%
United Airlines 17.50%

The Traveling and Entertainment in 2020 Amid COVID-19 Survey polled 583 U.S. adults on May 17, 2020. You can read the full report here.

Final Thought

Money expert Clark Howard says that you can find travel deals right now, but whether you choose to travel or not depends on your comfort level.

In any case, if you do plan on traveling, he recommends you buy a “cancel for any reason” travel insurance policy.

“If the airline or whatever supplier you’re going to use does go bust, your money is protected by the insurance,” he says. “It’s an added cost, but trips are so much cheaper right now to book that it’s really not as big of an expense as it used to be to insure a trip.”

Planning a trip soon? Use this guide to learn more about travel insurance.

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