Report: The Best and Worst Airlines in America


U.S. airlines have been doing what they can to keep customers happy during the COVID-19 pandemic. Case in point: Delta Air Lines recently extended the expiration date on its travel vouchers.

The gesture helps to underscore how the airline industry as a whole has worked to keep customer satisfaction high amid uncertain economic times.

The American Customer Satisfaction Index’s (ACSI) Travel Report indicates that airlines are enjoying unprecedented satisfaction among customers for a variety of reasons including the implementation of stringent cleaning procedures for planes.

What Are the Best and Worst Airlines According to Customers?

The report covers customer satisfaction results from surveys taken from April 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic began to bear down on the U.S. economy, to March 2021.

Here are some key findings in the report, which scores airlines on a 100-point scale:

  • Southwest Airlines again tops the list, but for the first time, Delta shares the #1 spot.
  • Customer satisfaction with the airline industry overall has improved 1.3%, reaching an all-time high ACSI score of 76.
  • Satisfaction scores among airline customers have seen a net increase of 4.1% since 2018.

Let’s look at the best and worst airlines, according to the ASCI report.

Best and Worst Airlines for Customer Satisfaction

Airlines2020-2021 Score% Change From Last Year
Delta Air Lines793%
Southwest Airlines790%
Alaska Airlines77-1%
JetBlue Airways77-1%
American Airlines751%
United Airlines750%
Allegiant Air72-3%
Frontier Airlines683%
Spirit Airlines622%
All Airlines (Average)761.3%

The airline industry enjoys a bevy of small wins in the report: Customers deemed flight timeliness, baggage handling and flight crew courtesy as “excellent” overall with a score of 80. Loyalty programs also graded well (79).

Seat comfort stood out as the most improved experience from the customer’s perspective, scoring a best-ever score of 73.

Here’s how the report puts it:  

“According to ACSI data collected from April to September 2020, seat comfort assessments were even higher during the initial onset of COVID-19. This is likely a reflection of the industry’s widespread practice of blocking middle seats during that period. As carriers began to fill those seats, passengers became less happy with their comfort level.”


So that score of 73 may prove to be short-lived.

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