Report: The Best and Worst Airlines in America

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The U.S. airline industry can once again be called the “friendly skies” judging from a report that measures customer satisfaction.

The Travel Study 2022-2023 from the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) indicates that passenger satisfaction has risen across several key customer experience benchmarks, including the quality of mobile apps, website satisfaction, cleanliness of the cabin and lavatory, and more.

The report, which covers customer satisfaction results from interviews with 10,588 customers taken from April 2022 to March 2023, scores the major U.S. airlines on a 100-point scale.

The Best and Worst Airlines for Customer Satisfaction Are …

Alaska Airlines comes in #1 regarding customer satisfaction with an ACSI score of 81. The airline improved by 8% compared to last year’s rankings. At the bottom of the list is Spirit Airlines with an ACSI score of 64.

Here are some key findings in the report:

  • Overall passenger satisfaction with the airline industry increased by 1% year over year to an ACSI score of 76.
  • Southwest Airlines, whose customers experienced mass cancellations in December 2022, still came in second place, tying American Airlines at 78. Both carriers saw a 1% improvement in their scores.
  • The majority of the carriers saw their scores improve except Delta Air Lines (down 1%) and JetBlue Airways (down 4%).

“The outlook for the coming months may be even rosier, as passenger satisfaction rebounded substantially in February, regaining about two-thirds of the ground lost from the end of 2022,” according to an ACSI news release.

Airlines2023 Score% Change
Alaska Airlines818%
American Airlines781%
Southwest Airlines781%
United Airlines770%
Delta Air Lines76-1%
JetBlue Airways76-4%
Allegiant Air757%
All Others721%
Frontier Airlines672%
Spirit Airlines642%
All Airlines (Average)761%

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