5 Things to Know About Apple’s New iPhone 11

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Consumers looking for an affordable iPhone may finally be able to get a new Apple smartphone at the right price point. Apple on Tuesday announced three models of the new iPhone 11, including one that will sell for $699.

“I love this move from Apple with the $699 price point for the new iPhone 11,” says money expert Clark Howard. “It shows that they are listening to American consumers and the marketplace, that people want more affordable phones.”

All three phones have the company’s trademark sleek design, but Apple is hoping that the iPhone 11 base model brings price-sensitive customers who have gone elsewhere back to the fold.

Apple’s iPhone Announcement: What You Need to Know

Apple CEO Tim Cook unveiled the latest updates across the company’s product portfolio Tuesday, but it was the new smartphone — iPhone 11 — that stole the show. The 11 comes with dual cameras and features an array of photo and video capabilities.

“iPhone 11 is the next generation of iPhone, packed with great new capabilities in an incredible design, including new Ultra Wide and Wide cameras for gorgeous videos and photos, the power and ease of use of iOS 13, and A13 Bionic — the fastest chip ever in a smartphone,” said Phil Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing.

If you’re looking for a new smartphone, here are the five things to know about iPhone 11 before you buy.

1. What’s the Price of iPhone 11?

The price of a new iPhone 11 will start at $699. This price point harkens back to earlier models of the popular iPhone and is sure to attract some former customers who have perhaps left Apple for cheaper smartphones.

There are two upgraded versions that cost more: The iPhone 11 Pro will cost $999 and the Pro Max will cost $1,099.

“The phones at the $999 and $1,099 price points are going to be your aspirational models, but 11 is within reach for a lot more people,” Clark says.

2. When Will the iPhone 11 Be Available?

The iPhone 11 will be available for preorder beginning Friday, September 13. A week later, on Friday, September 20, the new smartphones will be in stores.

3. What Colors Will the iPhone 11 Come In?

The basic iPhone 11 model will be available in six colors: white, black, red, green, purple and yellow.

4. How Good Is the Video & Photo Quality?

The Apple event’s presentation of the new phone’s video and photo specs was impressive. According to Apple, the new devices boast the company’s highest video quality ever for an iPhone.


The dual cameras are capable of shooting in 4K video resolution and users just have to tap the screen to switch between the wide and ultra-wide cameras.

Other cool photo and video features include:

  • Quicktake: This feature allows you to easily switch from taking a photo to recording video without closing the screen.
  • Front camera slow motion video: This new feature will allow “slow-motion selfies” to become a reality.

5. How Long Will the Battery Last?

The iPhone’s battery life has been an issue in the past, but the company is promising state-of-the-art durability this time.

While they didn’t get into specifics (other than a news release that says “all-day battery life”) an Apple exec announced at the event that the iPhone 11’s battery will last an hour more than the XR model’s.

Of course, battery life is dependent on whether you’re streaming, gaming or just talking on the phone. We’ll have to wait and see how much of an improvement the iPhone 11’s battery really is.

Other Things to Know About the Apple Event

The Apple announcement wasn’t just about iPhones. Here is some other cool product news announced at the Apple event:

  • Apple Arcade: This new game subscription service will be available starting on September 19 in more than 150 countries. Apple Arcade offers a one-month free trial and will cost $4.99 a month for the whole family thereafter.
  • Apple TV+: The company announced the industry’s first all-original video subscription TV service. The first shows will be available on November 1 and will launch in more than 100 countries. Apple TV+ will cost $4.99 a month for your whole family.
    • Starting now, when you buy an iPhone, iPad, iPod or Mac, you’ll get one year of Apple TV+ for free.
  • iPad: Apple also unveiled the seventh-generation iPad, with a larger, 10.2 retina display and all kinds of other upgrades. One of the coolest new features is the ability to pinch the screen in Safari to get a floating keypad. The new iPad will start at just $329.
  • Apple Watch: The new Apple Watch Series 5 will double down on health data and will include a built-in compass, an updated maps app and an emergency SOS feature.

These product events have become great marketing for the iPhone, but that doesn’t mean you have to be the first to rush out and upgrade.

“This will put a lot of pressure on Samsung as far as pricing goes, and Apple and Samsung lead the cell phone market in general,” Clark says.

He recommends you sit tight for a bit and watch prices.

“I think in the next few weeks, you’re going to see a lot of drops in pricing on cell phones across the board in the wake of this announcement.”


Whether you’re ready to upgrade to a new iPhone or happy with the phone you have, do your wallet a favor and check out our picks for the best cell phone plans and deals available now.