Microsoft’s reinvented email service getting rave reviews


MONEY-SAVING MOMENT: An old contender in the tech world is trying to get relevant again by rolling out a new productivity suite.

Microsoft used to be the most feared tech company in the world. While they’re still influential behind the scenes, they’ve had trouble establishing relevance in an era of apps, tablets, and cloud computing.

Now Microsoft has a new email service that is getting rave reviews:, the successor to Hotmail.

Most every tech writer reports is a tremendous leapfrog over other email services. There are minimal ads and it’s very clean and easy to use. For corporate types, this service will feel like the Outlook you know from the office. users will also have access to a free cloud-based version of Microsoft Office. It’s similar to Google Docs in that you can access your documents from anywhere in the world, password protected.

Meanwhile, two other items about free stuff.  First, Spotify has a new free Android app that delivers a Pandora-like listening experience. Second, there is now a $10 Android app that lets your Android phone mimic your iPhone for music. So your iTunes music will be available on Android.

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