Men and women are split over TV size in the home


The battle of the sexes is playing out over the size of the big-screen TV in your home.

The Boston Globe  reports men and women are having to negotiate about the size of the television screen or screens in their home. As you might expect, men tend to favor bigger screens than women do.

I saw a 60-inch yesterday on sale for $599. A guy sees that and pictures that TV being in his home. But most homes aren’t big enough to have a man cave that could comfortably accommodate a screen that big tucked away somewhere. So you have to put that TV right out in the open in the house where a wife or girlfriend may not want a giant TV.

As the article noted, they followed a guy into a Best Buy who was eyeing an 80-inch TV for $3,500. ‘This would look big to her,’ he deadpanned to the reporter when thinking about his wife’s reaction to the potential purchase.

Duh!  Of course it would. It’s 80 inches!!

How has this issue played out in your life? Write in below and let me know.

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