Why you have to check your bank statements daily

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Do you know that most people almost never look at their bank account or their credit card statement? Month after month goes by and you don’t look. And what you don’t look at could cost you money, because more and more creepy weirdo charges will show up on your credit card statement, on your bank statement — usually ten dollars or less, a lot of times with not much of a description. And we don’t see them, and we end up having to pay for stuff we didn’t buy.

But there is one thing that often your bank will try to con you into getting that’s called croak and choke. It’s credit life and disability insurance. On your credit card statement they will bill you and they get you to buy this stuff that insures the bank in the event that you become disabled or die.

Now this is really terrible because they convince you that you’re doing a good thing for yourself by buying insurance protecting the bank. Don’t let them rip you off. If they want to sell you something like croak and choke, you tell them to take a hike. I’m Clark Howard.

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