Gently used or new appliances for a song on Craigslist


Gently used or new appliances can be a real deal on Craigslist as executive producer Christa has found.

For those of you who don’t know, Christa has had to replace all the major appliances in her home because of flood damage.

By diligently searching online everyday, she has been able to find brand-new stainless steel double convection ovens that were never installed or used in a home. She bought them from a man who planned to use them in one of his high-end rental properties, but couldn’t install because the tenants wanted a different finish! So what retails for $2,850 cost Christa a mere $600.

In addition, she picked up a fancy six-burner gas range from an architect who bought it for a client who again opted for a different finish. It was never used and came in its box with warranty. Retail price: $3,200. Christa’s price: around $600!

She also snatched up a Thermador hood that retails for $3,150 for just $500!

The hazard here is that people selling appliances on Craigslist could be doing so out of their foreclosed homes. Or worse yet, they may be selling stolen goods. (Editor’s note: After meeting with the sellers, Christa is certain that she has not bought stolen appliances.)

Legally speaking, it’s very murky on the question of whether or not you have the right to buy built-in appliances out of a foreclosed home. Fridges and washers/dryers, however, are considered to be the owner’s property and can legally be sold even when the owner is in foreclosure.

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