Report: The most in-demand high-paying jobs in every state in 2019

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Many a job hunt has resulted in people relocating to another state for gainful employment, but that doesn’t always have to be the case. There may be jobs in your state that are not only among the highest-paid, but also in high demand.

Job site CareerBuilder has released an analysis of the best paying in-demand jobs in every state.

What are the best-paying, most in-demand jobs in your state?

The figures come from an analysis of government data based on the jobs that are most likely to be the most needed in the next several years.

Software developers and physical therapists are going to be in great demand, but there’s plenty more occupations that are going to be sought after, according to the report.

Highly paid jobs that need workers in every state

State Job 2018-2023 change in # of jobs
Alabama Software developers 17%
Alaska Registered nurses 16%
Arizona Nurse practitioners 25%
Arkansas Physical therapists 21%
California Occupational therapy assistants 29%
Colorado Operations research analysts 27%
Connecticut Nurse practitioners 16%
Delaware Financial sales agents 21%
D.C. Software developers 26%
Florida Medical scientists 25%
Georgia Film and video editors 49%
Hawaii Physical therapists 12%
Idaho Market researchers 22%
Illinois Physician assistants 17%
Indiana Physician assistants 23%
Iowa Physician assistants 18%
Kansas Software developers 19%
Kentucky Physician assistants 16%
Louisiana Physician assistants 29%
Maine Software developers 15%
Maryland Software developers 19%
Massachusetts Flight attendants 18%
Michigan Computer scientists 19%
Minnesota Occupational therapy assistants 20%
Mississippi Physician assistants 23%
Missouri Software developers 19%
Montana Software developers 24%
Nebraska Physical therapists 20%
Nevada Software developers 25%
New Hampshire Software developers 18%
New Jersey Physical therapist assistants 28%
New Mexico Software developers 21%
New York Physical therapist assistants 27%
North Carolina Software developers 19%
North Dakota Software developers 17%
Ohio Physician assistants 17%
Oklahoma Rotary drill operators 17%
Oregon Postsecondary teachers 24%
Pennsylvania Nurse practitioners 17%
Rhode Island Software developers 14%
South Carolina Software developers 26%
South Dakota Software developers 19%
Tennessee Software developers 25%
Texas Nurse practitioners 25%
Utah Producers and directors 28%
Vermont Software developers 19%
Virginia Physician assistants 19%
Washington Nurse practitioners 22%
West Virginia Software developers 22%
Wisconsin Physician assistants 17%
Wyoming Business operations specialists 7%
Source: CareerBuilder

Visit CareerBuilder’s website to learn more about jobs that are in demand. You may also want to check out ways to improve your resume.

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