How To Save Money on Electronics

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If you consider yourself a “techie,” or just like to stay up to date on the latest and greatest gadgets, you know how important it is to watch prices on electronics.

With a little strategy, you can buy phones, smart TVs and other electronics for less.

In this article, we’ll show you some ways to save on electronic purchases. Money expert Clark Howard has shared many tips on how to buy the electronics you want and need for less and we’re happy to take you through the steps.

We’ll also get some buying tips from Managing Editor Charis Brown on how to find high-end electronics on the cheap.

No matter which products you find, Charis highly recommends that you comparison shop by using an online tool called Camelcamelcamel.

“The price tracker tool Camelcamelcamel is great to track prices on anything from Amazon, especially electronics,” she says. “Using this tool, you can see how much an item has been at Amazon, and probably at other retailers too since other online sellers may try to price-match Amazon and vice versa.”

Read our guide on how to save with Camelcamelcamel.

Buy at the Right Time

“You buy electronics from the summer into the fall and especially in November. When do you not buy electronics? After November. The month of December is an out-and-out ripoff on electronics,” Clark says.

After the holidays have passed, because Super Bowl Sunday is such a traditional event here in the United States, many electronics retailers typically offer some great TV deals in late January in the runup to the big game.

During the warmer months, save on Amazon Prime Day and on select national holidays like Memorial Day, the Fourth of July and Labor Day.


Pay the Right Way

Once you find a deal on electronics, Clark doesn’t want you to go and immediately plop down some cash – he wants you to get something back for your hard-earned money.

Paying with a solid cash back credit card can give you a nice return on your money. Clark has several credit cards in his wallet that he uses depending on the purchase.

Read up on how to maximize your credit card purchases.

In considering which cash back card is right for you, it’s a good idea to think about your interests, including how frequently you’ll use the card and what you’ll likely use it for. 

Here’s a list of credit card categories that may be worth checking out. Note that many of the cards have annual fees:

Shop at the Right Places

Here are some places where you’re likely to save big money on electronics.

Micro Center

Micro Center deals on electronics

Another store where you can save on electronics is the regional chain Micro Center, which frequently has all types of gadgets on sale.

“This is one of Clark’s personal favorites to save on electronics,” Charis says. “If you don’t have a Micro Center store near you, you can select ‘Shippable Items‘ as your store location to see what items can be shipped to you.”


Newegg has cheap electronics for sale. is another store where deals on electronics can be found in abundance.

“Our team often finds deals on electronics,” Charis says, “but you’ll want to be sure to take note of the seller, as it may be a third-party company selling on Newegg’s website.”


When you buy from Newegg, the site’s Marketplace Guarantee (restrictions apply) will make sure you get the same customer service that you would if you purchased from Newegg’s product line.


buy electronics from eBay

Charis says is one place to find deals on new and refurbished electronics, specifically  smartphones. 

“Always make sure the seller you buy from has a decent return policy with an overall high positive feedback score of 97% or more,”Charis says. “I have purchased my last three smartphones from eBay, and have been very happy with my phones and the savings! However, if you buy refurbished, you have to be prepared that if something happens with your purchase after the return or warranty window has closed, you may have to purchase a new item.”

Amazon Renewed

Amazon Renewed products

Amazon Renewed is a program that the world’s largest online retailer uses to sell its certified refurbished devices like phones, laptops and other electronics.

I’ve purchased a MacBook Pro and two iPhones under the program, which comes with a warranty and product guarantee.

Read my in-depth review of Amazon Renewed. 


Find deals on electronics at’s sister site has the latest deals on electronics and they’re just a click away. For hot deals on computers, cell phones and TVs, you’ll especially want to bookmark the following pages:

Final Thoughts

No matter whether you plan to look for affordable electronics online or in-person, make sure you do a fair amount of comparison shopping for the right deal. As a recap, here are the steps to save on electronics:

  • Buy at the right time.
  • Pay the right way.
  • Shop at the right places.

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