10 Best New Products at Costco in October

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It is no secret that money expert Clark Howard loves all things Costco. It is easy to see why with staples like their Tire Center and Optical Department as well as a constant array of new inventory. 

As a superfan of Costco myself, I love walking through the store and discovering fresh, new products. Sometimes, these products are from top-name brands. Sometimes, they are from small, local companies. Regardless, it is all part of the fun. Especially when the product is food-related, and you can try free samples!

New Products at Costco This Month

Each month, I will take a look at the newest Costco products. While the majority will be under $100, if I find a particularly good deal, I will let you know about it. 

Remember: Costco products are not guaranteed to be there from month to month, so if you discover a new product that you can’t live without, be sure to snag it.

I learned a tip from a Costco associate on my recent visit: You will find new items right when you walk in the store and on the ends of the aisles. While this is true in many cases, don’t let that stop you from checking out cool new finds all over the club.

Bic Ecolutions Ocean-Bound Retractable Gel Pens

Why I chose this:

Helping the environment should be a task that we all strive to do however we see fit. Bic has created a pen made with 78% ocean-bound recycled plastic. Ocean-bound plastic is material collected within about 31 miles of a shore or waterway leading to the ocean.

Not only can you help the environment, but also you can write with a high-quality gel pen. This 15-pack is roughly $1.07 per pen! 

Bic Grip 4 Color Ball Pens with 3 Color + Pencil Set

I promise that we are not focusing solely on pens this month. This item caught my eye and I am sad to say that my local Costco did not have them just yet. 

Why I chose this:


When I was a kid, having a 4-way pen was pretty cool. I can remember sitting in class and switching from color to color, and I absolutely loved it.  In this set you will receive eight pens that contain four colors (blue, green, black and red). Fun, but nothing too exciting, right? The cool part comes from the two other specialty pens in this set that offer three colors (black, blue and red) and a mechanical pencil option all in one. Imagine being a kid today shuffling between classes with just one handy writing utensil and being prepared for whatever assignment your teachers throw at you.

BARK Season’s Treatings Advent Calendar for Dogs

Why I chose this:

While I do not have any fur babies of my own… yet, I do have so many in my life, and as I was perusing the new items section, this jumped out just for the absolute fun of it all.

Why can’t your pup be part of that action as you prepare for Christmas? This advent calendar comes with 8 Christmas-themed dog toys and 16 snacks! Every day is a surprise, and let’s not forget that it comes with a customized digital Christmas story that stars your dog!

When I inquired about this at my Costco, they said they put out a pallet, which had gone fast! If you do see this when you are in the store, grab it.

Nautica Ladies’ Stretch Puffer Jacket

Why I chose this:

I absolutely love clothing shopping at Costco. They tend to offer many well-known brands in addition to their own house brand, Kirkland Signature. Laura from Team Clark recently told me that she scored a great deal on a jacket from Costco so I made a beeline to the closing section to take a look.

Sure enough: Costco is selling this ladies’ stretch puffer jacket for only $36.99! And it comes in 2 different colors and many different sizes. I looked around, as this is a reasonable price for Nautica. Another department store had a similar Nautica puffer on sale for $112.00.

OXO SoftWorks POP Food Storage Containers, Set of 8

Why I chose this:

As I was perusing the new items this month, this was the biggest thing that jumped out at me. I am not typically brand-loyal and prefer quality and price. There are a few exceptions to that rule, and the OXO brand is one of those exceptions. Whenever I see the OXO brand, I tend to buy their brand over a competitor. Why? Being dishwasher safe is a huge plus, and also knowing that they provide quality products that will last over time.


I have many, many, many OXO products ranging from can openers to potato peelers and even my French coffee press! Turns out, I am not alone in loving the brand. Sally from Team Clark mentioned that she is also a huge fan of the brand.

I found these in store, and the price was $10 cheaper than the online price. Be sure to compare the online Costco price vs. the in-store price. If your local store has these containers, check out that quality for yourself. Coming in at $49.99 in store for this set of 8 beats the current department store price of $67.99.

Tea Forte Red Holiday Bundle

Why I chose this:

I love a good cup of tea on a chilly fall day. Several years ago, I received Tea Forte as a gift, and I was intrigued by the odd shape of the tea bag and the cool leafy stem to hold it by. Not to mention, the tea was incredible.

I noticed that Costco began selling Tea Forte in several varieties. They make a great gift or for you to enjoy yourself. This is a particularly interesting offer because it comes with 40 tea infusers (tea bags), a warming box, two café cups, and two trays.

Pure Leaf Tea, Unsweetened 16.9 fl oz- 18 count

Why I chose this: 

I love my iced tea unsweetened and a little on the stronger side. I have consumed Pure Leaf iced tea for that authentic tea taste for years. Costco began selling Pure Leaf Tea in both unsweetened and sweetened varieties.

I noticed that the cost varies by location. My club had these for $19.99, making each bottle roughly $1.11 each.

Ninja NeverStick Premium Hard-Anodized 12-piece Non-Stick Cookware Set

Why I chose this:

When I am looking for new finds to share, I always keep budget, value and convenience in mind. I also check out reviews for the larger ticket items, such as the case for this cookware set.


This set checks all of the boxes: It is dishwasher-safe and oven-safe to 500 degrees (400 for the glass lid). It is highly rated on multiple sites. Oh, and did I mention Costco has it for half the price of other sites that are selling it for nearly $400? This could be the perfect opportunity if you are looking to upgrade your cookware.

Pelonis 2-in-1 Turbo Heater + Fan

With the chilly days upon us and as more people continue to work from home, you may notice your home heating bill creeping up. Costco now sells this 2-in-1 heater and fan with three heat and two fan settings. It comes equipped with a digital control and thermostat overheat protection built right in. It covers 300-499 sq feet, so it is perfect for a home office, keeping you toasty without those sky-high heating bills.

Yourigami Kids Convertible Play Fort

This is one item that I so desperately wanted to see in person but was told that they do not have them in my store. This is essentially a couch that turns into a fort, campsite, secret passage and much more! My nephew is three years old, and I have been eyeing this for a while as a potential purchase. I was telling my friend Jennifer, who happens to be our Copy Editor, about my dilemma, and on a recent Costco run she found the play fort! Let me tell you, it does look super fun!

I have seen people across the country having a great time in-store with all the fantastic things that this can do. Act fast! Some colors are falling out of stock online, but they may have what you are looking for in person.

Photo Courtesy: Jennifer Hutcheson

Other Items that are brand new, interesting and I just could not find in my club… YET.

  • Carhartt Men’s Force Flex Tee: Why did this seem exciting? Carhartt is a popular brand known for its durability and standing the test of time. This shirt comes in a wide range of colors and sizes. 
  • Kuoni Backlit Mirror: I have gotten the ball rolling on a bathroom remodel and recently discovered backlit mirrors at a resort I was visiting. I figured it was a win-win and one less stop to make at a Home Improvement store but alas, a rep at Costco told me that it was most likely available only online. 

These are items that I found in-club that either look super cool or are at a phenomenal price.

  • This one is for Costco super fans like me! On a table with random close-out items, I found these Kirkland Signature T-shirts. They were going for $9.97 which means that once they are gone… they are gone.
  • Over the past couple of years, there has been a lot of hype over the Solo Stove. It periodically makes a mention over at Clark Deals. I found the Solo Stove Bonfire 2.0 and a 2 pack of the Solo Stove Mesa in store. They looked like they were dwindling so if you happen to see one in club or a different Solo Stove online, definitely be sure to grab it.
  • I am a sucker for fruit bars and fruit strips but the problem is finding one with no added sugar. Upon turning a corner, I stumbled upon the brand: That’s It. These stuck out to me because each bar only has 2 ingredients. They are both fruit. I give them 2 thumbs up! Costco is selling them online for $15.99 but they are $13.99 in-store. Don’t forget to shop both in-club and online.

Final Thoughts

This is just the tip of the iceberg for the month of October. As of today October 11, 2023 there are more than 250 new items available at Costco.com

Be sure to check back every month as we update this list. Also, check out our social media channels to see me walking the store and showcasing some of these new products. 

Can’t wait until next month? You can find even more great Costco deals at Clark Deals right now.

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