10 Best New Products at Costco in January

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It is no secret that money expert Clark Howard loves all things Costco. It is easy to see why with staples like their Tire Center and Optical Department as well as a constant array of new inventory. 

As a superfan of Costco myself, I love walking through the store and discovering fresh, new products. Sometimes, these products are from top-name brands. Sometimes, they are from small, local companies. Regardless, it is all part of the excitement. 

New Products at Costco This Month

Each month, I will take a look at the newest Costco products. While the majority will be under $100, if I find a particularly good deal or hot find, I will let you know. 

Remember: Costco products are not guaranteed to be there from month to month, so if you discover a new product that you can’t live without, be sure to snag it.

With the holidays in the rearview mirror, I am focusing this month on New Year’s resolutions, saving money and looking ahead toward future occasions. 

Kirkland Signature Protein Bar Variety Pack

Why I chose this:

When I walked into my club, the first thing that caught my eye was the rows and rows of athletic wear, healthy snacks and various protein bars. New Year’s resolutions and healthy choices are at the forefront of Costco.

It is worth checking your local club for their offerings, as I noticed Kirkland Signature protein bars on sale and a variety of others, such as Pure Protein, coming back with a $7 off manufacturer coupon. 

Epson EcoTank ET-2850 Special Edition with Bonus Black Ink Bottle

Why I chose this:

With the upcoming tax season and the kids going back to school, the Epson EcoTank allows you to affordably print thousands of pages with the ink that comes in the box! Clark has been heard in the past singing the praises of the Epson EcoTank, and I have owned mine for over a year and have yet to purchase more ink.


While the price of this model is on par with other retailers, what makes it unique is that bonus black ink bottle. What’s even more impressive is that the online price is the same as the in-store price, which doesn’t always happen.

Dyson Cyclone V10 Animal + Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Why I chose this:

It is very rare when I include items over $100 but this is one item I could not overlook. Costco is selling the Dyson Cyclone V10 Animal Cordless Vacuum Cleaner with a current manufacturer’s savings of $100 making it $399.99. It boasts over 5,400 five star reviews on Costco alone and if you purchased this direct from Dyson it would cost $549.99 and $499.99 at Amazon

Sugar Plum Valentine’s Boo Box

Why I chose this: 

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, Costco is a one-stop shop. From their fresh flowers to chocolate assortments, they have a pretty impressive collection of new products, such as this treat assortment box. They have other new items for Valentine’s Day and some products they carry every year. Take a peek if you want an early jump on the day like me. Or, take a page from Clark’s playbook and check out how to save money on Valentine’s Day.

Homedics SereneScent Aroma Diffuser 

Why I chose this:

The in-store demo looked pretty cool. There are so many different modes, fragrances, and time settings that you can use. According to the description, this unit can provide a natural home fragrance for up to 1000 square feet and includes two diffuser bottles. The online price is $139.99, but it was cheaper in my local club. My immediate thought is that it could help open up nasal passages during these very congested winter months. 

Under Armour Men’s Fleece Hoodie

Costco is now selling fleece hoodies from Under Armour in a variety of colors and sizes. This is one of my favorite brands, and seeing them at Costco, I had to jump at the opportunity for $29.99. These are yet to be available online, but I was informed by my local store that they would be toward the end of the month.

Hoodies of a very similar style sell at Under Armour for $55.00, so this is an excellent price for a fantastic hoodie. Grab them while you can. I typically see my local club sell out of popular clothing brands like Under Armour at a fast rate. Also, they do have youth Under Armour hoodies and jogger pants available online.  

Sur La Table 13 Quart Air Fryer with Easy Open Door

Why I chose this: 


We are all running around and sometimes need to cook something on the “fry.” Air frying beats traditional frying when it comes to healthier eating, and the Sur La Table brand is known for its high-quality products. This is a 7-in-1 multifunctional air fryer with a 13-quart extra-large capacity.

Did I mention it has 16 presets and an easy open door? I did give this a try store, and the racks are removable, and it even has hooks for a rotisserie! Judging by other retailers’ costs, I imagine this will not last long. 

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Hand Soap 16 fl oz, 4-pack

Why I chose this:

Mrs. Meyer’s brand is known for their stance on the environment by using post-consumer plastic and plant-derived ingredients. My club did not have these yet, but I was informed that they were coming. It is available online as a 4-pack of limited-edition scents, and even online, Costco is beating the Amazon price by $10.00, so it is worthwhile to check out if you love the brand or are intrigued to try it.

Isabelle Pineapple Cakes 27.1 oz.

Why I chose this:

I saw these at my club as I was meandering the store, and they piqued my interest. After giving them a try, I found they were amazing. Light, buttery, and fruity. They are individually wrapped to maintain freshness, and if you are looking for something different to give a try, definitely check these out.

Costco is selling them online in groups of 3. So you would receive (3) 16 packs. In club, you can purchase just 1 box. I was a little leery at first, but they did not disappoint. It is a new Costco item, and I hope these stick around.

Farberware Pump Activated Salad Spinner

Why I chose this:

When I was in the household goods aisle, I saw a father and daughter looking at this and chuckling. I tried not to make it look obvious that I was eavesdropping, but the daughter mentioned to the father how she had no idea people still used salad spinners. It made me think. Was she right? It is such a low-tech option in the sea of choices today that I had to include it. #LongLiveTheSaladSpinner! The cost was $19.99 online and $14.99 in-club. 

Final Thoughts

This is just the tip of the iceberg for January. As of today January 8, 2024, there are more than 150 new items at Costco


Be sure to check back every month as we update this list. Also, check out our social media channels to see me walking the store and showcasing some of these new products. 

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