10 Best New Products at Costco in March

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It is no secret that money expert Clark Howard loves all things Costco (though Sam’s has provided some strong competition recently). It is easy to see why with staples like their Tire Center and Optical Department as well as a constant array of new inventory. 

As a superfan of Costco myself, I love walking through the store and discovering fresh, new products. Sometimes, these products are from top-name brands. Sometimes, they are from small, local companies. Regardless, it is all part of the excitement. 

New Products at Costco This Month

Each month, I will take a look at the newest Costco products. While the majority will be under $100, if I find a particularly good deal or hot find, I will let you know. 

Remember: Costco products are not guaranteed to be there from month to month, so if you discover a new product that you can’t live without, be sure to snag it.

With St. Patrick’s Day and Easter coming up along with spring around the corner, I am showcasing new items that could be great gifts for your human and furry loved ones.

Golden Island Pork Snack Bites, Korean Barbecue, 1.5oz, 12-count

Why I chose this: 

I have never been a fan of jerky before, but about a month ago, I was in Costco, and for some reason, the Golden Island bag called out to me. I picked it up on a whim. Holy guacamole. It was amazing. 

My problem was that you had to consume the entire bag within three days from opening for optimal freshness. I knew I could not eat the bag myself, and unfortunately, I had to toss it. 

This month on Costco’s new item list is the Golden Island Korean Barbecue jerky in smaller snack-size bags! Sadly, they did not have it when I went to my club. But I will keep this top of my list for my next visit. 

Beast Blender Deluxe

Why I chose this:


Unleash the beast! Nah, not really, but this blender looked pretty impressive in the store. 

This blender comes packed with multiple vessels, several lids, and a 12-rib blending vessel, which is meant to give smoother blends. It does come standard with two different blend options: a 1-minute blend cycle or a pulse option. 

The online and in-club prices are coming back the same amount. $99.97 I would be remiss if I forgot to mention that it comes with over 150 five-star reviews!

Crocs Unisex Classic Clog

Why I chose this:

Crocs were never my thing, but in recent months, I discovered what I was missing.

My nephew is almost four years old, and he had a pair of kid Crocs on his recent Christmas list. Being the cool uncle I am, I made it a point to get them for him. I also bought myself a pair to see the hype. The rest is history!

These are a hit with people on their feet for long periods, including doctors and nurses, and I hope that someone reading this will benefit from buying them at Costco.

These are coming in at $34.99 each. On the main Crocs website, they are $49.99 for the same ones. 

Dash Multi-Plate Mini Waffle Maker with Removeable Plates

Why I chose this:

This adorable rabbit waffle maker jumped out at me. With several interchangeable plates ranging from a heart to a clover and everything in between, this would be perfect for an upcoming St. Patrick’s Day or Easter breakfast. 


The plates are nonstick and dishwasher safe. The price online is the same as the price in-store. Catch them while you can!

DJI Mini 3 Drone Aerial Camera Bundle

Why I chose this:

One of the biggest perks of living only a few miles from the beach is that I can take amazing photos and videos with my drones. I have two DJI drones, and when I saw that Costco was selling them, I had to point it out.

Drones, when appropriately flown, make incredible gifts, and this one for $429.99, I can say with complete certainty, is perfect for a beginner or someone wanting to step up from one they may have now.

I love the stability, app pairing, and crisp photos the DJI takes. Don’t believe me? Check it out!

View from behind my house on the South Shore of Long Island looking towards Jones Beach and the Atlantic Ocean.

Kirkland Signature Rectangular Bolster 46″x 36″ Pet Bed, Black and White Houndstooth

Why I chose this:

The last time I talked about Kirkland Signature dog beds, I received several messages from all of you thanking me for including them. I saw they are back with a variety of different colors. These beds are big! Nearly 4 feet by 3 feet, perfect for larger dogs. 

It comes with a machine washable cover with a zipper and a plush top sleeping area. 

Grab them while you can and be sure to click the new items tab, as there are several designs to choose from.

Backyard Hero Official Size Cornhole Set

Why I chose this:


If you are like me and your thoughts are constantly on the summer, you may be thinking about the fun and games that accompany it.

Cornhole is certainly a backyard favorite, and Costco is selling this ACA-regulated cornhole set for $119.99. In-club, you can try it out, and it is cheaper, coming in at $99.99. That is a $20 savings compared to the online price. 

Ninja CREAMi Deluxe 11-in-1 Ice Cream and Frozen Treat Maker

Why I chose this: 

While in that summery frame of mind, I wanted to point out this 11-in-1 Ninja ice cream and frozen treat maker.

You can make homemade ice cream, frozen yogurt, sorbet, frozen drinks (for kids and adults), and so much more without leaving your kitchen. 

This includes three 24 oz. Creami Deluxe Pints and Lids.

If you see this at your local store, check it out. 

Why I chose this:

My initial thought with this product was that it was a fantastic gift to send to family and friends who may be unable to attend upcoming Easter festivities. But then I thought about buying this for myself to present to guests visiting for the holiday. 

Either way, this cookie combo tin is timely and looks quite delicious. It is packed with 24 cookies, 18 brownie bites, and two frosted cookies with buttercream frosting. 


This appears to be an online-only item. When you click on “What’s New” and then click on “Grocery, Household Essentials & Pet,” you will see several options for purchase.

Kohler Pro-Function Kitchen Sink Kit – With Vibrant Stainless or Matte Black Faucet

Why I chose this:

Costco has everything but the kitchen sink this month. But hold tight: they are offering a Kohler stainless steel kitchen sink so we can check that box too.

When it comes time to do little home upgrades, we all tend to think about the big box home improvement stores but may overlook the wholesale clubs. This sink is a great reminder to check your warehouse club as well.

This sink sells for $399.99 on the Costco website but $379.99 in-store. 

Final Thoughts

This is just the tip of the iceberg for March. As of today March 1, 2024, there are more than 250 new items at Costco this month

Be sure to check back every month as we update this list. Also, check out our social media channels to see me walking the store and showcasing some of these new products. 

Can’t wait until next month? You can find even more great Costco deals at Clark Deals right now.

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