10 Best New Products at Costco in February

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It is no secret that money expert Clark Howard loves all things Costco. It is easy to see why with staples like their Tire Center and Optical Department as well as a constant array of new inventory. 

As a superfan of Costco myself, I love walking through the store and discovering fresh, new products. Sometimes, these products are from top-name brands. Sometimes, they are from small, local companies. Regardless, it is all part of the excitement. 

New Products at Costco This Month

Each month, I will take a look at the newest Costco products. While the majority will be under $100, if I find a particularly good deal or hot find, I will let you know. 

Remember: Costco products are not guaranteed to be there from month to month, so if you discover a new product that you can’t live without, be sure to snag it.

With Valentine’s Day coming up and spring around the corner, I am showcasing new items that could be great gifts for your human and furry loved ones and get you thinking about projects inside and outside of your home.

Valentine’s Day Pre-Hugs and Kisses Arrangement

Why I chose this:

It was hard to pick just one Valentine’s Day item at Costco. They have many floral arrangements, chocolates and even charcuterie boards (see pic below).

Clark loves purchasing flowers for Valentine’s Day at Costco.

While some items are listed under the “What’s New” tab, using the search bar is the best way to compare all the Valentine’s Day offerings this year at Costco.

Kirkland Signature Rectangular Bolster 46” x 36” Pet Bed, Brown Faux Leather

Why I chose this: 


Something that caught my eye was a gorgeous faux leather dog bed. This bed has a plush-top sleeping area and is machine washable! While my club did not have them, it is currently available online.

When researching what people say about this dog bed online, the consensus is that it is a fantastic value for money and “the dogs love them.”

Shark CarpetXpert Deep Carpet Cleaner with StainStriker Technology

Why I chose this: 

While at my local club, I saw several people looking at this vacuum. I circled the store and came back around so I could take a look at it myself.

With all of the fancy built-in stain removers, cleaners and attachments in the box paired with the MSRP savings through February 25, this is a great deal.

This same vacuum is selling for $259.99 at Amazon, a $60 savings by purchasing at Costco. That is the exact cost of a membership for the year! The savings JUST paid for your membership, look at that.

Generac 3100 PSI 2.4 GPM Gas Powered Residential Pressure Washer

Why I chose this: 

I LOVE power washing — it is one of my favorite things every spring and fall. When I saw Costco selling this Generac pressure washer, I knew it was a great find.

The brand has been around for a long time, and they make a wide range of other products. You may have heard about their generators. The MSRP on this pressure washer from Generac is $499.00, and Costco is selling this for $299.99. If I did not have a pressure washer already, this would be at the top of my list for spring cleaning.

I was told that they would be rolling out in my club in the coming weeks but they did not have them at the time of writing.

Anthony getting his backyard ready for spring.

Outdoor LED Wall Lantern

Why I chose this: 

Turning a corner in Costco is one of the most exciting parts of the trip. You never know what will be on the other side. In this case, I turned a corner to see a brightly lit outside light.

Coming in at $39.99, I found it to be a particularly good deal, and when I got back home, I discovered the online price was $10 more than the in-club price! Consider a light upgrade if you want to make little but noticeable changes to your home. Be sure to check your local club, as the $10 savings made the deal shine brighter in my eyes.

Kirkland Signature Sweet Heat Snack Mix, 24 oz

Why I chose this:

Some like it sweet. Some (like me) like it hot! This new Costco item grabbed my attention. It contains some of my favorite snack bits and bobs, such as cashews, almonds, and sesame sticks — with a bit of heat added.

Coming in at $10.99 per bag, these are on my list to look at next time I am in the store. In my experience, items like this tend to go fast and don’t always come back. I am intrigued to see if these hang around for a while or become a one-hit wonder. Have you tried them yet? I am curious to know your thoughts. For me? The hotter, the better, which is why they caught my eye.

Mobile Warming Heated Gloves

Why I chose this:

Speaking of heat, I saw these heated gloves in the store. Braving the crazy New York winters, I like to take pics as I’m snow-blowing. But it is difficult to fumble for my phone with bulky gloves on.

Not only are these gloves heated and have a waterproof liner, but they are touch screen compatible! I can quickly stop the snowblower, reach for my phone and capture the image of a snow-dusted tree with the sun setting in the background!

Online they sell for $99.99, but in-club they sell for $49.97! That is a HUGE saving if you decide to purchase in-store.


ThermoFlask 32oz Insulated Standard Straw Tumbler with Handles, 2-pack

Why I chose this: 

The Stanley Cup craze is heating up like crazy. Some stores are charging north of $100 for one cup. If that is your thing, hats off to you. I would be remiss if I did not point out another brand in the beverage holding space: ThermoFlask.

Costco is selling not just one but two tumblers for $32.99. I remember seeing these a little cheaper in-club, although I did not grab a picture. Like the Stanley, these are dishwasher safe and BPA free, but you do get 2 of them for a fraction of the price.

Ninja Woodfire Electric Outdoor Grill, Smoker, & Griddle

Why I chose this:

Typically, I try to showcase new items under $100, but once in a while, I have to tip that scale, especially when it is a unique item that I find exciting or exceptional.

Ninja has created an electric outdoor grill that can do it all. If smoking meat is your thing, you are in luck. You can easily smoke a 9 lb. brisket in there, and it comes with 100% natural hardwood Ninja Woodfire pellets! It is on sale for $239.99 online and $229.99 in-club.

Kirkland Signature Men’s Polo

Why I chose this:

Clark is a big fan of buying his clothing at warehouse clubs, typically Member’s Mark from Sam’s Club, but this Kirkland Signature polo shirt did catch my eye. In several color choices and various sizes, this is a shirt that should be on your radar.

Buying clothes at Costco is fantastic because you can mix and match for additional savings. If you purchase five to nine qualifying items, you can save $20; for 10+ qualifying items, you can save $50!

The big question is: Would Clark approve of this sale? The jury may be out on that one, but if I were to buy five of these Kirkland polos online, the price comes to $74.95, and then subtract the $20 savings, and that makes each shirt $10.99 vs the Member’s Mark price of $9.98 per shirt.


Compared to other retailers and the cost of clothing typically, this new polo from Costco is amazing value for money.

Final Thoughts

This is just the tip of the iceberg for February. As of today February 9, 2024, there are more than 240 new items at Costco this month.

Be sure to check back every month as we update this list. Also, check out our social media channels to see me walking the store and showcasing some of these new products. 

Can’t wait until next month? You can find even more great Costco deals at Clark Deals right now.

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Have you tried any of these items recently or know of any others that Costco has added? Let us know in our Clark.com Community!